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Lisa Marsh Ryerson

We have accomplished great things together.

For all that you have done and given to move our mission forward, I am profoundly grateful.

Lisa Marsh Ryerson
AARP Foundation President

As AARP Foundation celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2021, we generated nearly half a billion dollars for vulnerable older adults.

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Dear Friends,

As AARP Foundation celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2021, we redoubled our commitment to create a more equitable, prosperous, and hopeful future for vulnerable older adults.

To achieve that goal, we adopted a new, six-year strategic plan to put more money in the pockets of older adults living with low income and to increase equitable outcomes for populations who have experienced systemic racism and discrimination. To help them not just survive but thrive.

By all accounts, we succeeded — generating almost half a billion dollars for vulnerable older adults last year.

Producing that amount of money for older adults in some sense speaks for itself. Yet it is only by considering how those funds transformed the lives of older adults living on the margins that the true scope of the achievement comes into clear focus.

Even during the pandemic’s darkest days, AARP Foundation’s workforce programs helped older adults gain the skills and confidence to find fulfilling work, earn higher wages, or start their own businesses, bringing dignity, purpose, and joy to their daily lives. They were able to put food on the table because we enabled them to access Supplemental Nutritional Assistance (SNAP) benefits, many for the very first time. We helped them enroll in the Medicare Savings Program, where they received financial assistance to pay their health care premiums and extra help to afford lifesaving prescription drugs. They found relief from crippling student loan debt by using our Student Loan Repayment Tool to enroll in income-driven repayment plans that count toward student loan forgiveness. AARP Foundation’s Tax-Aide and Property Tax-Aide programs put hundreds of millions in refunds and credits into their hands, helping them secure the essentials and remain in their cherished family homes by reducing their costs to do so.

AARP Foundation's Experience Corps program helped older adults build strong social connections to their community and give back to the next generation by tutoring students in reading, which improved not only their health but also their ability to live independently longer.

AARP Foundation also worked for long-term, systemic change for older adults often unable to speak up for themselves. Last year, we fought in the Supreme Court to preserve access to quality health care and to bar vulnerable older adults from being dumped from nursing facilities against their will. We also litigated to restore the requirement that the government must impose strict penalties on nursing facilities that expose residents to dangerous conditions.

We have accomplished great things together over the last year. Together. For we could not have done it without you — our generous donors, our committed volunteers, our passionate board, and our hardworking staff. For all that you have done and given to move our mission forward, I am profoundly grateful. Here’s to next year — and to the next 60.

With deepest gratitude,

Lisa Marsh Ryerson

Woman in grocery store


We’re setting our sights through two lenses.

In 2021, AARP Foundation began an ambitious six-year strategic plan designed to ensure our programs have an even greater impact on the lives of older adults who are struggling just to get by. To meet each of our three main objectives, we set our sights through both an economic and an equity lens, measuring the success of our efforts by the dollars we secure or save for older adults who are living with low income and by achieving our targets in ways that are consistent with the demographic makeup of the populations we aim to serve.


Increase income and earnings. We are focusing on providing job readiness training, skills development opportunities, coaching, and other employment supports.

Secure benefits. We are enhancing existing efforts to help older adults with low income take advantage of available benefits, including food assistance, help with student loan debt, and tax credits.

Secure refunds. Many taxpayers miss out on credits and deductions they've earned. We are helping them increase those refunds on both their income taxes and their property taxes.

Woman on the phone

2021 By the Numbers

70,000 hours
of tutoring contributed by senior volunteers

$83 million
in benefits for older adults through programs like SNAP and EITC

$109 million
in new income and earnings for older adults

$500 million
in the pockets of older adults living with low income

$193 million
contributed by generous donors and sponsors to help seniors in need

$700 million
in refunds for over 1 million taxpayers served by nearly 26,000 volunteers

$11 million
awarded in an age discrimination case

More than
people found resources for social connection, benefits, and more

$11 million
awarded in strategic grantmaking

Man and grocery cart

Securing the Essentials

When older adults can meet their basic needs, they can look to a more hopeful future.

Our programs and services make real differences in real lives by helping older adults with low income secure the essentials — good jobs, eligible benefits, crucial refunds, and sustaining social connections.

AARP Foundation SCSEP

The AARP Foundation Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) remains the best-in-class employment program in the nation.
For more than half a century, AARP Foundation SCSEP has been generating pathways to high-quality jobs for older adults living with low income. It’s the essence of upskilling, helping older adults reenter the workforce through subsidized employment opportunities that fulfill vital community service roles and that typically lead to full-time work. SCSEP staff and participants were among the first in AARP Foundation to move back to in-person service in 2021.

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Man in truck

78 million
in new income generated


Ken M. was content: six-figure salary, beautiful family, comfortable home. Then came the Great Recession, and Ken lost everything. But thanks to AARP Foundation SCSEP, Ken found a job he loves and rebuilt his self-esteem. Today, he’s the assistant produce manager at a local food bank, has his own place, and picks up his kids from school.
“I got to prove that I’m still viable. I’m just so grateful for that.”

Back to Work 50+

Through job-search guidance and coaching, BACK TO WORK 50+ has been living up to its name since 2013.
The competition for jobs can be fierce these days. AARP Foundation’s BACK TO WORK 50+ ensures its participants are up to the challenge, equipping them with the tools they need to vie for in-demand jobs. Participants learn how to pitch themselves to prospective employers and benefit from the one-to-one guidance of career coaches. Throughout 2021, the program offered free virtual and in-person workshops, collaborating with trusted local organizations that specialize in working with older job candidates to help them build digital skills and match them with employers.

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14.4 million
in new income for older adults

Cynthia Fernandez


Cynthia Fernandez had been in the hospitality industry for 27 years when the pandemic hit and her job was eliminated. She signed up for a virtual BACK TO WORK 50+ workshop and used newfound skills to keep marketing herself. In June of 2021 she applied for a position much like the one she had held for so long. “I just wanted to share the exciting news with you all,” she wrote to the BTW50+ team.
“I went to interview today and … I GOT THE JOB!!!”

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Work for Yourself@50+

Work for Yourself@50+ provides aspiring older entrepreneurs with all the tools they need to start their own business or join the gig economy.
Working for yourself doesn’t have to mean going it alone. The Work for Yourself@50+ program is that friend indeed for older adults who are exploring options for self-employment, from gig work to starting their own businesses. A series of workshops and a toolkit guide participants through five simple steps, with plenty of coaching and peer support along the way. In its first full year, the online Freelancing Resource Center served thousands of people, and 2021 also saw the introduction of an incubation program to connect aspiring entrepreneurs with experienced mentors to provide real-world guidance on getting started.

in new income

Andrew Ziccardi


In 2015, Andrew Ziccardi developed the Ergo Opener, a small tool that fits over bottle caps and enables people with hand-strength issues to open water bottles with ease. After attending a Work for Yourself@50+ workshop, he learned how to refine his business model and develop a full-fledged business plan. In October 2021, Andrew brought his Ergo Opener to the Sun City Huntley Consumer Showcase, where he sold about 100 openers and gave out 300 more. “It was all seniors and I loved the feedback I received,” he says. Today, you can find Andrew’s Ergo Opener in drugstores, hardware stores, and even on Amazon!

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SNAP Application Assistance Woman grocery shopping

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a proven means to improve food security. We’re making sure more eligible older adults get this benefit.
The U.S. government provides food assistance for older adults living with low income, but red tape can get in the way. Through grantmaking, AARP Foundation supports nonprofit community organizations that have been given waivers by the USDA to enact the Elderly Simplified Application Project (ESAP). ESAP streamlines the SNAP application process, making it easier for people over 60 with no earned income to receive SNAP benefits so they can afford to buy healthy food. To support the enrollment effort, we launched a new website in 2021 that provides practical, consumer-oriented information, including a “Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for SNAP Benefits” video.

older adults apply for
48 million
in SNAP benefits

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When Mrs. B., 62, not only lost her job to the pandemic but also had her identity stolen, our grantee helped her apply for SNAP while she searched for work. She now receives about $200 per month in benefits so she can buy the food she needs to stay healthy.

You were seriously helpful and everything is working out.

Mrs. B

Women on laptop A Fierce Defender in the Nation’s Courts

The AARP Foundation Litigation (AFL) team advocates for systemic change in federal and state courts nationwide to advance the legal rights and interests of people over 50.
Helping to create a more just society often calls for legal action. Through direct representation of clients and by filing “friend of the court” amicus briefs, AARP Foundation attorneys protect the rights of older adults in cases covering a range of issues, from age discrimination in the workplace and housing to long-term care, consumer protection, and retirement benefits. The team garnered several important victories in 2021, improving older adults’ access to health care, pensions, fair employment, quality nursing facility care, and more.

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Protection From Elder Abuse

Elder abuse victim

Gloria Single was a victim of the practice known as resident dumping. After an illness that required hospitalization, her nursing facility refused to let her come back, separating her from her husband, Bill. They both died before they could be reunited, but AFL’s victory in a lawsuit against the nursing facility should protect other residents from this illegal practice.

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The Right to Live Independently

Right to Live Independently

More than 12 years ago, AARP Foundation attorneys filed a class action suit on behalf of nursing facility residents who were being denied the right to move back into their own communities with supportive care — a right under the Americans with Disabilities Act recognized by the Supreme Court. After procedural victories, the case went to trial in 2021, with a decision expected late in 2022. A win would protect the right of older adults and people with disabilities to live lives of their own choosing.

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Stricter Penalties for Nursing Facilities

Stricter Nursing Facility Penalties

In 2021, AARP Foundation Litigation won two important victories in cases involving the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. In one, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) restored an earlier provision imposing per-day, rather than per-incident, penalties on nursing facilities for violations, helping to protect residents from neglect and abuse; in the other, a judge struck down an HHS decision that approved Medicaid rate cuts for dental services in California.

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Peace of Mind for Retirement

Peace of Mind for Retirement

AARP Foundation attorneys filed an amicus brief to support the protection of California’s popular retirement savings program known as CalSavers. An appeals court rejected a challenge to this program, ensuring that more workers can save for retirement by requiring that employers with five or more employees offer access to the state-facilitated payroll deduction savings program.

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A Victory for Mental Health Care

A Victory for Mental Health Care

After negotiations with parties represented by AARP Foundation attorneys, Kansas agreed to expand services and provide more community residential options for people living in Nursing Facilities for Mental Health. The agreement will enable people with mental health disabilities to avoid institutionalization and live in community-based, integrated settings — where they can more easily maintain social connections.

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Secured more than
7 million
in lost wages and benefits for older workers

Involved in
24 cases
currently being litigated or supported by amicus briefs

AARP Foundation Tax-Aide

AARP Foundation Tax-Aide continued to deliver throughout the pandemic with dedication and grit, serving more than a million taxpayers.
Taxes are inevitable, but it’s also a sure thing that AARP Foundation Tax-Aide is there to help low- to moderate-income older adults file their returns — and get the refunds and credits they deserve. Although in-person Tax-Aide service remained limited by COVID-19 restrictions last year, staff and volunteers continued to deliver a range of in-person and virtual tax preparation.

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Nearly 700 million
in federal refunds

Three Personal Stories

Janelle Riedl


Janelle Riedl’s community depends on her. As a volunteer with AARP Foundation Tax-Aide in Prescott, Arizona, for 25 years (and 40 years in total!), she oversees a team of 62 volunteers who provide in-person and virtual tax preparation assistance, free of charge. “We have people who burst into tears when they find they get a refund that they weren’t anticipating,” Janelle says.
“They’ll come up and say, ‘I can’t tell you what this program means to me.’”

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Denise Morgan


As a Tax-Aide volunteer for the last four years, Denise Morgan knows how important the program is. “Most people are stunned, overwhelmed, and flummoxed by their tax returns. They are just grateful for the help,” she says. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, Denise and her fellow volunteers at Augusta Road UMC in South Carolina knew they had to make things work in the physically distanced environment. And they did.

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Alan Siegel


Alan Siegel likes solving puzzles — a skill he puts to use as a Tax-Aide volunteer in Torrance, California. One couple had had to pay a lot of tax the previous year, but Alan figured out that the professional tax preparer they’d used had made a mistake. Alan offered to file an amended return for them, and it turned out they were owed close to $4,000. “They were just floored. Very appreciative. We felt good that day.”

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AARP Foundation Property Tax-Aide

AARP Foundation Property Tax-Aide saved more than $2 million for older adults in 13 states.
Property taxes can sometimes mean the difference between keeping and losing your home. Property Tax-Aide helps older adults with low income take advantage of property tax refund and credit programs, saving them money and helping them stay in their homes longer. There are residential property tax refund and credit programs in nearly every state and the District of Columbia, and yet few people know about the programs — and those who do often struggle to get through the application process.

For a 62-year-old D.C. resident, the program was a lifeline during the coronavirus pandemic. "This will be used to straighten up my mortgage issues," the homeowner said after qualifying for a property tax credit. "I've fallen behind."

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John Bolton


In rural Tuftonboro, New Hampshire, John Bolton and a fellow Property Tax-Aide volunteer do more than 100 property tax relief applications each season. Since 2019, they’ve returned anywhere from $18,000 to $22,000 a year in total to the people who qualify.
“For a lot of people, it’s a sigh of relief because they know that money is coming in.”

AARP Foundation Experience Corps

Our dedicated Experience Corps volunteers helped more than 2,000 students become better readers.
Few of us remember the thrill of learning how to read, but we all know the joy it can bring. Experience Corps volunteers get to experience that thrill and joy right alongside young learners. When the pandemic caused schools to close, Experience Corps pivoted from in-person tutoring to virtual tutoring for the 2020–2021 school year, ensuring program continuity for students who need it most while preserving the health and safety of our volunteers. Virtual tutoring continues to be a crucial tool for reducing educational disparities and helping children overcome reading opportunity gaps, while helping older adults gain digital skills and maintain critical connections to their communities.

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70,000 hours
devoted by volunteers to provide students
with sustained one-to-one virtual tutoring

Three Personal Stories

Robert Rouse


After retiring from the fire department, Robert Rouse knew he wanted to volunteer to teach students to read. He joined Experience Corps in 2013, and became a regional coordinator when the pandemic pushed the program online. “What we have found through the process of working virtually is how resilient our older adults are,” Robert says. And he's been surprised to see how the students have opened up to their tutors, even through the screen.

Hear Robert and Experience Corps VP Mioshi Moses talk about the program on AARP’s Take on Today podcast.

Willie Jean Vance


Reading wasn’t always a central part of Willie Jean Vance’s life, but volunteering with Experience Corps has changed that. ”When I was growing up, I wasn't encouraged to read. I have seen how reading is so important … without [it], you're very limited.” Experience Corps places a special emphasis on serving diverse populations in high-need communities, which resonates with Willie Jean.
“You're helping society, number one. Number two, you're helping yourself.”

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Young boy reading


As a cancer survivor, Stan Young, an Experience Corps volunteer in Evansville, Indiana, is familiar with overcoming challenges. “When you run across someone who really needs the help — that’s challenging,” he says. “But when you see that student is willing to learn and get out of the box and get better, and you’re helping to build up their confidence, it’s a good feeling. I’ll be doing this as long as I’m able to do it.”

Connect2Affect Woman using tablet

Connect2Affect helped older adults navigate another year of social distancing and isolation with useful tips, articles, and other resources.
Social connection is a lifeline, and losing it can leave us floundering. Even before the pandemic took hold, nearly 1 in 4 older adults suffered from the effects of social isolation and its related health risks. Critical services being shuttered and social supports eroding only added to the financial hardship and social isolation that people over 50, especially those with low income, already experience.

With support from United Health Foundation, AARP Foundation led an awareness campaign — Connect2 — to ensure that older adults would have the services, resources, and supports they need, both in this current time of crisis and as we enter the long period of recovery.

Central to the campaign was the expansion of to connect visitors with crucial information not just about social isolation, but also about rent and mortgage assistance, how to spot online scams, and volunteer opportunities. With this shift, became a bridge to solutions for many aspects of an older adult's life.

81,000 completed self-assessments
to evaluate older adults’ risk of social isolation

More than 430,000 people found resources
for social connection, benefits, and more

Two women on laptop Service Through Grantmaking

AARP Foundation awarded grants to provide much needed help to older adults devastated by natural disasters.
Through grantmaking, we’re able to touch even more lives in communities across the country. As natural disasters swept across the country in 2021, causing catastrophic devastation, AARP Foundation provided support to the hardest-hit communities and families through grants to local organizations. We launched two disaster relief campaigns to address the needs of older adults affected by Hurricane Ida and the Haiti earthquake. Disaster relief grants funded through our donors provided immediate and longer-term support to help affected older adults repair their homes, access legal advocacy, and obtain financial support.

One of our grantees, Louisiana-based SBP, supported hundreds of individuals and families who had been affected by Hurricane Ida. They and their volunteers mucked and gutted homes, treated homes for mold, and trained survivors in the recovery process and how to navigate FEMA relief applications.

2.67 million
in grants to organizations in five states and Haiti to support the recovery of thousands of older adults and their families

SBP Staff Video Screenshot

WATCH: SBP staff express their gratitude for AARP Foundation's support of their Hurricane Ida response.

Student Loan
Repayment Help

A new student loan repayment tool helped older adults with low income reduce their monthly payments by a total of $2 million in just five months.
Student loan debt can be a lingering burden for many older adults. In July 2021, we launched the Savi Student Loan Repayment Tool, which helps older adults who are living with low income manage their student loan debt. The tool connects eligible older adults with a free app that enables them to review and enroll in student loan repayment plans that are based on their income rather than their level of debt and that may even lead to loan forgiveness.

On average,
$278 per month
saved by older adults

Thank You

Thank you for believing in AARP Foundation's mission and our work to end senior poverty. Your generous support in 2020 is helping to ensure that vulnerable older adults can secure the essentials.

  • Corporate and Institutional Supporters


    Arizona Department of Economic Security

    AT&T Inc.

    Bank of America Charitable Foundation

    Barclays Bank Delaware

    The California Wellness Foundation

    Chase Bank USA, N.A.

    Consumer Cellular, Inc.

    Consumer Technology Association Foundation


    Family League of Baltimore

    Finnegan Family Foundation

    Florida Department of Elder Affairs

    Government of the District of Columbia

    Internal Revenue Service

    Iowa Department of Administrative Services

    Lenfest Foundation

    The Lewin Group, Inc.

    Maine Health Access Foundation

    McMaster-Carr Supply Company

    Missouri State Government

    National Caucus & Center on Black Aging, Inc.

    NEW Solutions

    New York Life Insurance Company

    North Carolina Division of Aging and Adult Services

    Oklahoma State Government

    Pennsylvania Department of Aging

    Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation

    Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

    SCAN Foundation

    Steans Family Foundation


    Texas Workforce Commission

    Tides Foundation

    T-Mobile USA, Inc.

    TrueCar, Inc.

    United States Department of Justice

    United States Department of Labor


    University of Southern California

    Washington State Government

  • Opportunity Builders

    The AARP Foundation Opportunity Builders are generous and committed leaders to our vision and mission. These donors power the work we do with their annual gifts of $1,000 or more.

    These philanthropic gifts from our donors allow us to resource our ambition to serve as a force for change on the most serious issues faced by vulnerable seniors living in poverty.

    We thank the following individuals for their generosity and support of AARP Foundation.

    *Denotes Deceased Donor

    VISIONARY ($25,000+)

    Peter Bosshard

    Alex Carobus

    Marge Funicello

    Kevin Hui

    Elsbeth Kirkpatrick

    John Rakoske

    David Sharpe

    Erika Strunk

    GUARDIAN ($15,000-$24,999)

    Anonymous (1)

    Betty Alvares

    Sarane Bowen

    Annette Franqui & Seth Werner

    Jeanne Hoch

    Victoria Milam

    In Memory of Beverly M. Talley & In Honor of Sharman Greber

    Raymond & Ursula Wolfe

    CHAMPION ($10,000-$14,999)

    Anonymous (1)

    Arthur Christian

    Mary Frahm

    Annette Franqui & Seth Werner

    Ralph Haines

    Kristine Harris

    Bob & Sian Harris

    Carol Hjorth

    Barnell Howe

    Jo Ann Jenkins

    Lloyd E. & Juanita Johnson

    D. Alan Kendall

    Donna King

    Barbara Lindstrom

    Diane D. Miller

    Paolo Narciso

    Hiro & Punam Nirmalani

    C. Noall

    Elizabeth B. Robinson

    Lisa Marsh Ryerson

    Doris Salati

    Libby Sartain

    The Todd and Stephanie Schnick Foundation

    Lois Seigel

    Jackie & Glenn Tilton

    Vincent Michael

    Royetta Wallace

    Susan Werth & Bernard Silver

    Robert Wilusz

    LEADER ($5,000-$9,999)

    Anonymous ( 5)

    Peggy Beckman

    Bob Blancato

    Shirley Brandt

    Joan Budden

    Anthony John Burnell

    Barbara Byrne

    Fe Y. Calixterio

    Janis Calton

    Stuart Christenfeld

    Terry & Sarah Clark Charitable Fund

    Joseph & Emily Coughlin

    Zelda Curtiss

    Martin P. Dana

    Thomas Daw & Ann Giragosian Daw

    Kristen Dawson

    Cathy Disch

    Gregory & Avis Dyson

    Katherine Erlick

    Burton Field

    Bob Fox and Andrea Mintz

    Virginia Fulton

    Judyth Gaddie

    Cipriano Garza

    Sandra Godin

    William Goings

    Howard Goldberg

    Franklin & Jenny Guerrero

    Kathleen Hansen

    Martha & Richard Hayes

    Dodd Horan

    Betty Hudson

    George Kandle

    Tziporah Kasachkoff

    Robert Knauss

    Ralph E. Koldinger

    Dr. Matthew Krecic

    Ruby Law

    Jane Lesser

    George Liao

    Andrea Lindsay

    Janet Malcolm

    Nancy Miller

    Shirley Myers

    Sharon Nichols

    Anne Peterson

    Dan & Lisa Phelan

    Julio Portalatin

    Kollivakkam Raghavan

    Donna M. Rand

    Ernest Robertson

    Ritta Rosenberg

    Dennis Rosenthal

    Marilyn & Skip Rosskam

    Pamela Schmitz

    Donald G. Smith, Jr.

    Rev. Judy Bradford Smith

    Ilona Stadtfeld

    John Stanturf

    Mr. & Mrs. Seymour Y. Sternberg

    Ellen Taaffe

    William Vukowich

    Sharon Waterous

    Starr Wheeler

    Beth & David Whitehead

    Patricia Wild

    Mary Wilens

    Ted & Pam Woehrle

    Kenneth R. Wright

    ALLY ($2,500-$4,999)

    Anonymous (6)

    David M. Adame

    David T. Albee

    Tara Isa Koslov & William Alvarado Rivera

    John Andersen

    Rosalyn Anderson

    Anne Aoki

    The Honorable Patricia Banks

    Marlene Barrows

    Barbara Bauer

    Richard Brelsford

    Virginia Brey

    Lorrin Brown

    Dori Brown

    Eileen Burton

    Robert Campbell

    Robbie Carlton

    Michael Cesario

    Gerald Clark

    Emily Clayton

    Albert Coralluzzo

    Jacques Craig

    William J. Crain

    Arnold Crelier

    Charline Dave

    Steven DelVecchio

    John T. Doyle

    Curt Eakin

    K. James Ehlen, M.D.

    Susan Fernald

    Gail Fike

    Larry Fox

    Eberhard Gerlach

    Joseph Glade

    Joan Granlund

    Janet Hardy

    Betty Harris

    Barbara Heggie

    Marilyn Hessel

    Susan Heyman

    Karyn Honigsfeld

    John Jacob

    Michael J. Jeffrey

    Hilma Jenus

    Joe Jenus

    Edna Kane-Williams

    Anup Khattar

    David Kimmel

    Sharon Kirkwood

    Eugene & Joan Klaasmeyer

    Richard Klein

    James Knight, Sr.

    Philip S. Kramer

    David & Camiille Kundert

    Kenneth Kwidzinski

    Neal Lane

    Nancy LeaMond

    Peggy A. Lentz

    Helaine Lerner

    Rebecca & Ralph Littreal

    Stanley Lou

    Carole Lovinger

    Marc McDonald & Katrina Foelsche

    Karen & Brad Mercer

    Keith Miller

    Jay Miller

    Margaret Miller

    Frank Miner

    Meryl Moran

    Bette J. Munderloh

    Mark Murray

    Masao Nakaiye

    Shannon Nelson

    Earl Nevels

    Richard Newcomer

    Rae & Joseph Ott

    Margaret Pabustan

    Gerald & Judith Parmenter

    Janis Paul

    John Payne

    Vickie Perkins

    Gloria Perucca

    Nikki Peters

    Cheryl Poulton

    Diane Pratt

    Monica Rak

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    Roma Wittcoff

    Fred & Kathy Zanoff

    Mary Zinn

    SUPPORTER ($1,000-$2,499)

    Anonymous (29)

    Burney Acoff

    John S. & Kathleen Agnew

    Alice Akan

    Donna Albert

    Wendy Albrecht

    Gail & Robert Aldrich

    Andrea Alexander

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    Shari Altheimer

    Sara Anderson

    Phylhs Anderson

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    Susan Crowe

    Jeanne Crowe

    Thomas Crowell

    Nancy Cunha

    Devin Cunningham

    James Currans

    Gretchen M. Dahlen & Greg Thelen

    Jeffrey & Susan Dailey

    Nahed Dajani

    Richard Dana

    Elsie Dascoli

    Gary & Denise David

    James Davidson

    Marsha Davis

    Paul Davis

    Carol Davison

    Lloyd R. & Caroline De Llamas

    James Defreese

    Cynthia & Phil Deland

    Robert Delich

    Raymond DeLille

    Philip Dennis

    Stephen & Nola Deutsch

    Mr. Raymond DeVoe, LTC (USA Retired)

    Leo Dicarlo

    Roberta Dimarzo

    Jon Doellstedt

    Ken Doney

    Kay Doss

    Douglas Drucker

    Harriet Druskin

    W. Duffy

    Laura Dupuy & Oren Hopkins

    KM Durbak

    Don Durham

    Mary Jo Eagen

    Lawrence Ebersold

    Martin Eckstein

    Greg Econn

    Susan Edelman

    Bill Edge

    Mary Edwards

    Maureen Egen

    Katherine Egolf

    Richard Ekman

    Elizabeth Ellard

    Alan Ellinwood

    Liz Ellis

    Leonard England

    Kenneth Ennor

    Edanna Ericson

    Julius Erlenbach

    Norma Esherick

    Jose Espinoza

    Willy Evans

    Alexa Fair

    Richard Faria

    Larry Feldcamp

    James Feldick

    Gloria Feliciano

    Michael Festa

    Catherine Fiddes

    Timothy Finholm, Sr.

    Dorothy Fitsgerald

    Michael Fitzgerald

    Harry Flasher

    Catherine Fleischner

    Dean Flint

    Gloriette Fong

    Bruce Fortune

    Russell Foszcz

    Reuler-Lewin Foundation

    Veronica Fountain

    Alan Fowler

    Marcella Fox

    Donald F. Frank

    Barbara Frank

    Nedra Funk

    Robert Furman

    Emily Galloway

    Giby Garnier

    Marci Garrison

    Maryse Gartner

    Joshua Garvin

    Norman W. Gautreau

    John Giatzis

    James Gielty

    Grey Glover

    Brian & Veronica Glynn

    Paul Goldstein

    Geraldo Gomes

    Finis Goodwin

    Kellie Gowdy

    Donald Greenberg

    Byron Gregory

    Sandra Greifenstein

    Beverly Griesert

    Allen W. Griesert

    Chet Groseclose

    Woolf P. Gross

    Beth Grove

    Alexandrina Guadeloupe

    Christine Gummere

    Sue Gunnison

    Marta Guzman

    Charles Gwinn

    Changiz Alex Habibvand

    David Hackathorn

    Victoria Hall

    James Hall

    Bruce Hall

    Karen Halvorsen

    Paul Hamer

    Ann Hammer

    Benjamin Hammett

    Edward Hancock

    Robert Hannus

    Mary Hansen

    Carolyn Hanson

    Richard Hardy

    Clayton Harper

    Jim Harre & Kristine Harriger

    Malloy Harris

    Abdul Hassan & Rina K. Dajani

    Lisa Hastings

    D. Haverstick

    Eugene Hawkins

    Mel Hawthorne

    Dean Hayden

    Thomas Hayes

    Caroline Haynes

    Rebecca Hays

    George Hazelton

    Steven Healey

    Janet Heffner

    Florence Hein

    Mark & Kathleen Helge

    Steven & Marilyn Hendrickson

    Donnie Henley

    Dianne Henson

    Mary Herin

    Harry Herr

    William Herrin

    Allene Hill

    Susan Hjerpe

    Elinor & Wayne Hoffman

    Clarence Holland

    Robert & Irene Holly

    Richard & Annette Horvath

    Bari Hoskins

    Laurie Houseknecht

    William Howe

    Virginia Huey

    Richard Hughes

    Nancy Hult Ganis

    Mary Hunkeler

    Laura & Bradley Hunt

    Jean Hurley

    Robert Husby

    Leroy Hushak

    Nancy Ickes

    Eugene Ignatowski

    Lynn Innerhofer

    Felicitie Ip

    K. Irwin

    Lisa Isaac

    Jesse Jackson

    Norman Jacques

    Bob Jukubiak

    Peter Jarosewycz

    Ben Jefferson

    Glen Jennings

    Ava Jensen

    David Jesionowski

    Jane Jesus

    Freda S. Johnson

    Mary Johnson

    Aaron Johnson

    Elden Johnson

    Carl Jones

    Paul W. Jones

    Tobi Jones

    Sandra Juarez

    Judy Judd

    Reema Jweied-Guegel

    Ronald Kahn

    Susan Kaiser

    Henry Kao

    Merrill Kashiwabara

    J. Kasper

    David K. Katz

    J. Keith

    Michael Keller & Pamela Sousa

    Robert Keller

    Mark Kellerman

    Jean Kelley

    Albert Kelly

    *Timothy M. Kelly

    Mary Kempf

    Daryl Kenison

    Lawrence Kennedy

    Ardith Kenny

    Robert Kenny

    Edward Kent

    Larry Kerr

    Judith Kese

    Lucille Kesilman

    Ann Kessler

    Curt Kiessig

    William W. King

    Barbara Kinney

    Dale Kipp

    William & Victoria J. Klinchock

    David Kocher

    Wilfred & Pauline Koelzer

    Sonja Koenig

    Janet Kolb

    Florence Krause

    Diane Krum

    David Kufner

    Miodrag Kukrika

    Richard Kulp

    Roberta Kurtz

    Jeannette La Bombard

    Suzanne LaFollette-Black

    Elliot Lainof

    Tillie Laird

    Wayne Laitala

    A. Lalain

    James B. Lam, M.D.

    Paul Lamoree

    Mary Land

    Loren Land

    Judy Landeck

    Sharon Landwehr

    Nancy Larson

    William Lathers

    Karen Lea

    Gregory Leahy

    Marie Ledgerwood

    Foong Lee

    Stephen Lee

    Carey Leimbach

    *Leonard Len

    Louise Lentz

    Ronald E. Leone

    Helena Lesher

    Wilbur Lewellen

    Marjorie Lewis

    James Lewis

    Kwong Li

    Nancy Liebschutz

    Gordon Linn

    Daniel Lips

    FengJung Lo

    Robert Longway

    Janet Looney

    Antonio Lopez

    Darryl Lovett

    Janet Lowrey

    Barbara Lucks

    Philip Lumb

    Julia Lundstrom

    Grant Lupher

    Ms. Patricia Lynch

    Stewart MacAulay

    Coral Mack

    Gregory & Anna Mackenzie

    Dianna Maier

    Armando Maldonado

    Katherine Mance

    Andrea Maneschi

    David Mann

    Barbara Marchello

    Patricia Markowski

    Connie Marler

    Mary Marques

    Marcia Marshall

    George Martin

    Armando Martinez

    Terrylynne Marx

    Mei-Ling Mason

    Melvin K. Matsui

    Carol Maxon

    Debra May

    Edward McAllister

    Johnnie McBride

    Maureen McCarthy

    Melvin McClelland

    Robert McClelland

    Randy McHenry

    Mrs. G. McMillan

    Ernest McNabb

    Claudia McNamee

    Daksha Mehta

    Robert Meissner

    John Meloney

    Damian Menscher

    Jim Messano

    Frank Metzger

    Jimmy Meyer

    Joel Michaelsen

    Judith Miller

    Don & Claire Mittelstaedt

    Julius Mondragon

    Harley & Judith Monson

    Ernesto Montalvo

    Nathaniel Moore

    Robert Morris

    Nancy Morris

    James Morrison

    Carlos & Deborah Morrison

    Edward Morrison

    Betty Mueller

    Edith Multop

    Mary Murphy

    Michael Murray

    William Myers

    Neil Myntti

    David Nelson

    Cassandra Newkirk

    Gregory Nieto

    Jerry Niiyama

    Joseph Nissiotis

    Tim Nobuhara

    Robert Nocek

    Daniel Norton

    Merrill Oaks

    August Ochabauer

    Paul O'Connor

    Susan Oka

    Francis O'Malley

    Timothy Omstead

    Charles & Joyce E. Onufer

    John Osteen

    Eliot Ostrow

    Donna Owen

    Fides Pacheco

    Carolyn & Charles Paine

    Nell Painter & Glenn Shafer

    Jessica Palmer

    Ruth Pannell

    Errol Panton

    Michael Pargee

    Nicholas Parks

    Greta Parr

    Randolph Paschke

    Beverly Pastorino

    Arvind Patel

    Govindbhai Patel

    Diane Paul

    Connie Pavatte

    Jennifer Peed

    Yvette Pena

    John Penn

    Jane Phillips

    Allen Phillips

    John Pickett

    Willie Pindle

    Marianne Piotrowski

    Keith Pippard

    Daniel R. & Caroline Pisani

    Carlos Pisano

    Marilyn & Stephen M. Pizer

    Jack Podoll

    Norman Poitevin

    Joseph Pokorny

    John Polk

    Ann Poll

    Yvonne Pollack

    Lester Poretsky

    James Potter

    Marjorie Powell

    John & Margaret Prange

    Donald Putning

    *Metta Quabeck

    John C. Quist

    Theresa M. Rabel

    Raymond Raber

    Howard Raff

    Barbara Rageis

    Gene F. & Louise Rahll

    Renee Rainey

    Amjad Rashid

    Britta Rasmussen

    Hal Ray

    *James H. Redding

    Rich & Colleen Rein

    Patricia Reino

    Howard Reynolds

    John Rhicard

    David Rice

    A. W. Ridenour

    Jean Rieden

    Steve Risner

    Toby Ritter

    Susan Ritter

    Cassandra Rivers

    Marvin Roberts

    Leonard Roberts

    Lawrence Robertson

    Miguel Robledo

    Andrew Rodriguez

    Jeff Rogers

    Sharon Rose

    Frederick Rosenbauer

    Ellen Rosenbaum

    Sue Rosenbaum

    Kathleen P. Rosowski

    Paul Rothman

    Angelica Rozborski

    Nancy Rudolph

    Estelle Ruiz

    Linda Rush

    Bobbie Russell

    Tom Russell

    Donald E Ryan

    John Ryan

    Paul Sack

    Ian Sack

    Joseph A. Salgado

    Sharon Sanchez

    Robert B. Sanders

    Mary Sandholt

    Janet Schaal

    Linda Schamber

    Robert Scher

    William Schildgen

    Richard Schindler

    Janet Schlaf

    Barbara Schmid

    Amy Schmidt

    Fredrick Schmidtmann

    Kurt Schmoke

    Carla Schnell

    Anna Schnucker

    Kenneth Schob

    Robert Schrader

    Ruth Schriefer

    Katherine Schulze

    Jeffrey & Jackie Seeman

    Chandra Sekhar

    Lorraine Servis

    Judy Sevilles

    Donna Shafranek

    James Shahani

    Hemanth Shamanna

    Kate Sheeline

    Jen Sheen

    Gopalaiengar Sheshadri

    John Shinnick

    Daniel & Huisuk Shires

    Jay P. Schultz

    Clifford Silverstein

    Lea Simonds

    Bonnie Simons

    Lance Simpson

    Laura Sims

    James Sims

    Sher Singh

    Donald Sire

    Daniella Siroskey

    George Skillman

    Stanley Skinner

    Ronald Skroly

    Raymond Smith

    Russell Smith & David L. Butler

    Deloris Smith

    Herbert Smith

    Moonyean Smith

    Judith Smith

    David Smith

    Byron Snyder

    Jennifer Sorg

    Claudette Spalding & Ray Pinto

    Carl Spaulding

    Clarence E. Stanley

    Patricia Steele

    Steven Steinke

    Margaret & Richard Stelle

    Joan & James H. Stembridge

    Robert & Debra A. Stengel

    Daniel Stevens

    Frank Stock

    Ragnar Storm-Larsen

    Kenneth Stovall

    Richard Strauch

    Larry Streicher

    Stephanie Strickland

    Cornelius Stripling

    Stella Strombolis

    John & Elizabeth A. Struthers

    Diane Stump

    Mark Stutman

    Patricia M. Sullivan

    Carol Sutterfield

    Ted Suyeyasu

    Calvin Swan

    Frederick Swann

    John Swinney

    Judy Tam

    Thanom Temiyasathit

    Juan Tenorio

    Gary Teune

    Susan & Spencer Tholstrup

    Hilaire Thomas

    Marva Thomas

    *Ralph Thomas

    Isabelle Thompson

    John Thompson

    Nancy Tidd-Smith

    Gloria Tipton

    Judith Tisdale

    James M. Tkalec

    Kim Tobin

    Delouah Todd & Lorelle Farber

    Gordon Tom

    Stanley Tomono

    Mary Toomey

    Diane Torkelson

    Margaret Toro

    George Townsend

    Mary Trafford

    Robert Traynor

    Gloria Tressler

    Terry Trobec

    Irene Trowell-Harris

    Effie Tsigakos

    Joseph Tucciarone

    Daniel Turner

    Steven & Misty M. Turner

    Erica Ueland

    Jacqueline Underwood

    Thomas Uttormark

    Jeannie Uyeda

    Thomas A. Van

    Kathleen Vandemark

    Mary VanDevender

    Mark Vann

    Jose Velez

    Anthony Venticinque

    Louis Ventre

    Jesse Via

    Beatrice Vicks

    Judith Vohland

    Karlene Wadleigh

    Mary Wais

    Marc Waldor

    Jessie Walker

    Albert Walker

    Ben Walker

    Wang May

    Ruthanne Wangerin

    William Warr, Jr.

    Emily Wasser

    *Rives Webb

    Glen Weber

    Richard Weeks

    Gladys Wei Lee

    Lucille Werlinich

    Ruth West

    Deborah Whitesell

    Van & Gail R. Whitfield

    Rae Whitney

    Linda & Mark Wilford

    Clair Williams

    Leathia Williams

    Seth Wohlberg

    Marguerite Wolever

    Arnold Woods

    Carolyn Workman

    Randall Workman

    Pamela Wyder

    Tom & Gretchen Yager

    John Yntema

    Dana Young

    Betty Zanin

    Phil Zarlengo, Ph.D.

    Heywood Zeidman

    Joanne Zerby

    Frank Ziats

    Jacqueline Zwimer

  • AARP Foundation Legacy Society

    The AARP Foundation Legacy Society provides recognition to individuals who include AARP Foundation in their wills or living trusts; name the Foundation as a beneficiary of a retirement plan, commercial annuity, or life insurance plan; or make an irrevocable life income gift, such as a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust.

    These exceptional gifts perpetuate the legacy of caring established by AARP’s founder, Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus, and allow us to serve as a force for change on the most serious issues faced by vulnerable seniors living in poverty.

    The names listed below are those AARP Foundation Legacy Society members who have confirmed both their gift commitments and their willingness to have their names published. On behalf of AARP Foundation, thank you to those listed below.

    *Denotes Deceased Donor

    Anonymous (874)

    *Ms. Alice E. Smith-Abaté

    *The Henry Acad Trust

    David T. Albee

    *The Estate of Lynda M. Albert

    Dale A. Arceneaux

    *The Estate of Donald August

    Edgar E. Beck III

    *The Joanne Bennett Trust

    Rosie M. Bethke

    Mr. and Mrs. Steven Borbely

    *Janet Elaine Bowerman Trust

    Carmen C. Briggs

    Shelley Buckingham

    Marian Bukrinsky

    Kay Burch

    *The Estate of Larry Claude Burgoon

    *Leopoldo & Mary E. Buttinelli

    *Bill & *Barbara Camburn

    Jane D. Caminis

    *Harryette J. Campbell Irrevocable Trust

    *The Estate of Charles E. Chambers

    *The Estate of Judy Theresa Charles

    Lorinda Cheng Arashiro

    Clara M. Chiu

    *Marion Clement

    Col. James M. Compton

    Richard T. Corvetti

    *John R. Crane

    *The Estate of Carmen L. Cruz

    Christine M. Cruz

    Mrs. Brigitte Curtis

    *The Mary K. Cusack Trust

    *Richard W. Custer

    *Aila G. Dawe

    *James R. & Alice Di Meolo

    Virginia D'Lamatter

    Eugene V. Doty

    D. Robert Drucker

    *The Theophil Walter Dusek Trust

    *Evelyn & *George F. Eckhardt, Jr.

    *Dixie Blackstone Eger Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust

    *The Estate of Connie A. Esposito

    Fred J. Fahlen

    *John C. & *Genevieve Fairval

    *H. Feidelberg

    *Wilma S. Firsich

    *The Fong Family Revocable Trust

    Stephen T. Franco

    *The Estate of Fred C.N. Fredericks

    Mario G. Garcia

    *Sid & *Betty Garvais

    *Barbara Joan Geist Trust

    *Mr. & *Mrs. Stuart B. Gerber

    *Alice S. Gillisse

    Jo. M. Gledhill & *Richard L. Bowman

    *The Estate of Hope H. Glidden

    Myona L. Glover

    Lorraine Gnecco

    P.K. Govind & Sally L. Luckenbach

    *Deborah Gray Trust

    Sharman L. Greber

    Betty Lou Gross

    *Carmen Gutierrez

    *The Barbara S. Guttman Trust

    *The Estate of Dorothy G. Hale

    *Wayne O. Hall

    Robert & *Lawanda Hanson

    *Ethel G. Harris

    *Hazel E. Hart

    *Mrs. Ray J. Harvie

    Carol A. Henry

    Harriet M. Herb

    *Alicia O. Hernandez

    *Carolyn A. High Trust

    *Forrest L. Hirst

    *The Estate of Marjorie Hill Hoar

    Sharon Hodgson

    *The Estate of Rolph S. Hofflund

    Linda Jo C. Hoholik

    *Robert R. Holmes

    Ida M. Holtsinger

    Dulcy & Richard Hooper

    *Steve Hornacek

    *Mahon B. Hughes

    Kenneth & Sharon Ishida

    *Myrtle T. Jackson

    Virginia E. Washington

    *Lt. Col. Louis Janos, USA (Ret.)

    *Eric R. Jensen, Ph.D.

    *The Alan C. Johnson Charitable Trust

    Larry Johnson

    Michael Jones

    *The Estate of Adeline Kyoko Kano

    *Norma Kershaw

    Tong Yong (Andrew) Keum

    Byung Ok Kim

    *The Estate of Kenneth H. Kintopf

    Loretta Krause

    *The Estate of Kenneth L. Ladd

    *The Estate of Erling Lagerholm

    James B. Lam

    *Maryon Patricia Lears

    *June I. Lees

    *The Estate of William Leidy

    *The Dorothy E. Leithead Charitable Trust

    Judith Lender

    Emily Ellen Markgraf

    *Janis Lewison

    *Rev. Raymond A. Ley

    *Miss Pat

    Ellen M. Lockhoff

    Thomas W. Lockhoff

    *The Estate of Conrad L. Lohoefer

    *Robert Luth

    Hugh & Marguerite MacDonald

    *The Estate of Dorothy Jeanette Martin

    Manuel J. Sr. & Gloria E. Mathew

    *The Estate of Marlene J. May

    *Frederick R. and *Virginia McCammon

    *Hugh W. McCarron

    *Sara C. McGahan

    *Jennie R. Medlin

    *Elizabeth Anne Meek

    *The Estate of Alice J. Merrick

    *The Estate of Mary M. Meurer

    Allen & *Linda Minsky

    *George Mitchell

    *Alys Monitto

    James E. Moore

    *The Estate of May Moore

    Boyd J. Mudra

    *The Estate of Barbara Mulholland

    William M. Myers, Jr.

    *Eugene D. Nasatir

    Ruth Nolte

    Mr. Richard V. Olson & Mr. Larry J. Kramer

    Anthony & Shirley Onesto

    Leslie A. Palm

    *The Estate of William Keith Parlour

    Margot Joy Patrick

    *Joseph Pavone

    *The Rose Penn Trust

    Ms. Carmen E. Perry

    Leon N. Phelps, Sr.

    Jeanne Phillips & Bill Pendergraft

    *In Memory of Karl Herrick Elwyn Pinks

    *Hernando Pinzon-Isaza

    Eleanor Pirozek

    *Alfred A. Plonsky

    *The Estate of Alfred W. Potter

    *The Estate of Sandra Premrou

    Estate of Saundra Price

    *The Estate of Helene M. Pritchard

    *The Estate of Larry G. Rand

    *Ed & *Jeanette Ray

    Dennis Reis

    *The Estate of Ronald Richardson

    *Julie Robinson

    *Frank & Maria Robinson

    *Mrs. Helen P. Rogers

    *F. Virginia Rohde

    *The Estate of Andrew Romay

    *Julia M. Ross Trust

    William Rowe

    Mary Ann Rumplasch

    *Daniel & *Audrey Schechter

    *The Estate of Michael Schinagel

    Joseph R. Selby

    John A. Sena

    *The Estate of Georgia B. Senior

    Barbara Service

    Sandy Service

    Heather & Tim Sherman

    *The Estate of Joseph W. Showalter

    *The Estate of Doris C. Simmons

    *Claiborne W. Skipworth

    *The Estate of Ruth Belton Sloan

    *The Estate of William O. Smedley

    Mary Stahl

    *Morton Stanson

    *The Estate of Edward Stein

    In memory of Mrs. Beatrice M. Stevens & Sadie R. Stevens

    Peggy P. Stevenson

    *June R. Strachan

    *Gerald Edward & *Guyola Marie Stutzman Trust

    Thomas H. Stutzman

    *Lloyd W. Sutherland

    Anthony Testagrose & Margaret Dau

    In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Thomas, Jr.

    Patricia L. Tolbert

    Thomas Tomkiewicz

    *The Estate of Amy Emiko Uyemura

    Susan Valletta

    *The William H. Van Dusen, Jr. Trust

    Sharon R. Villano

    *Alexander Volk

    *The Louis A. Wagner Trust

    *L. Robert and *Elise Warn

    *Joy Washington Probating Trust

    *Cecel F. White

    *The Hilda R. White Living Trust

    Beth & David Whitehead

    Dorothy Williams

    Huora L. Williams

    Marcia Williams & Gene Lucero

    *The Estate of Sharon Elizabeth Wineholt

    *Glenn H. Wing

    *The Estate of Marillyn C. Zilius

  • This summary of financial information has been extracted from the AARP Foundation audited financial statements for the years ending December 31, 2021 and December 31, 2020, and on which an independent public accounting firm expressed an unmodified opinion.

  • Financial Position

    For the years ended December 31, 2021 and December 31, 2020 (in thousands)

    ASSETS 2021 2020
    Cash and cash equivalents 12,118 6,595
    Contributions receivable, net 353 4,653
    Grants receivable 10,328 10,344
    Prepaid expenses and other assets 1,017 1,674
    Investments 656,865 587,745
    Charitable gift annuity investments 5,928 6,072
    Program-related investments, net 5,113 5,925
    Property and equipment, net 12,009 13,554
    Total Assets 703,731 636,562
    Accounts payable and accrued expenses 25,467 22,247
    Deferred revenue - 240
    Due to affiliates 1,879 3,919
    Charitable gift annuities payable 3,319 3,264
    Bonds payable 25,000 25,000
    Total Liabilities 55,665 54,670
    Net assets without donor restrictions:
    Undesignated 58,720 44,854
    Board-designated quasi-endowment 28,070 25,492
    Board-designated operating reserves 64,256 60,500
    Total net assets without donor restrictions: 151,046 130,846
    Net assets with donor restrictions 497,020 451,046
    Total Net Assets 648,066 581,892
    Total Liabilities and Net Assets 703,731 636,562
  • Statements of Activities

    For the years ending December 31, 2021 and December 31, 2020 (in thousands)

    Grant revenue 95,294 88,336
    Contributions 65,833 78,537
    In-kind contributions 49,158 37,910
    Investment income designated for operations 22,027 18,056
    Other 2,065 674
    Total Operating Revenue 234,377 223,513
    Program Services:
    Workforce Programs 107,760 92,459
    Tax and Credits Programs 16,430 14,426
    Experience Corps 11,631 11,627
    Impact areas and other programs 32,029 35,806
    Legal Advocacy 6,608 6,372
    Total Program Services 174,458 160,690
    Supporting Services
    Fundraising 28,328 26,207
    Management and general 22,366 21,869
    Total Supporting Services 50,694 48,076
    Total Expenses 225,152 208,766
    Changes in Net Assets from Operations 9,225 14,747
    Investments (loss) return in excess of amounts designated for operations 57,137 33,125
    Changes in value of charitable gift annuities (188) (149)
    Change in Net Assets 66,174 47,723
    Net Assets, Beginning of Year 581,892 534,169
    Net Assets, End of Year 648,066 581,892
  • Sources and Uses of Funds

    AARP Foundation receives funding from multiple sources, including contributions, grants, and AARP. Almost eighty cents of every dollar the Foundation spends goes to our important programs and services to improve the quality of life for vulnerable older adults in communities across the country.

    Revenue by Category




    Grant Revenue


    In-Kind Contributions


    Investment Income and Other

    Functional Expenses






    Management and General

  • 2021 AARP Foundation Board of Directors

    Libby Sartain, Chair

    David Adame

    Hon. Patricia Banks

    Robert Blancato

    Margot James Copeland

    Ann G. Daw

    Gregory J. Dyson

    Betty Hudson

    Diane D. Miller, Vice Chair

    Susan Werth

  • 2021 AARP Foundation Executive Leadership

    Lisa Marsh Ryerson, President, 2013-2022

    Emily Allen, Interim President 2022, Senior Vice President, Foundation Programs

    Patricia D. Shannon, Chief Financial Officer and SVP, Strategy, Innovation, Evaluation, Finance, Grants, Operations, Technology and Research

    William Alvarado Rivera, Senior Vice President, Foundation Litigation

    David Whitehead, Senior Vice President & Chief Development Officer