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2020 Annual Report

AARP Foundation was only able to achieve so much because of your generosity, your belief in our mission and in our work.”

— Lisa Marsh Ryerson, AARP Foundation President

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Dear Friends,

When COVID-19 hit, older adults who were already at risk experienced further hardship. During the pandemic, millions struggled financially as they lost jobs or income. Many worried they might lose their homes. And many more struggled to put food on the table. The financial struggle was only matched by the life-threatening isolation so many older adults faced either at home or in long-term care settings.

In this pandemic, we may be in the same storm, but we are not all in the same boat.

Yet just as surely as the winter yields to spring, there is much cause for hope. Even as the pandemic devastated our economy, our fundraising efforts flourished, with many new funders and stalwart supporters recognizing the tremendous need of the most vulnerable older adults. Many of our fundraising programs had their most successful year ever. With the generous and unwavering support of our donors, and the tenacity and commitment of our volunteers and staff, AARP Foundation found ways to give older adults living on the precipice a fighting chance not just to survive — but to thrive.

While our programs were paused for the safety of participants and volunteers, we nevertheless served nearly 3 million people, continuing to help them earn income, train for good jobs, avoid food insecurity, secure well-deserved pension benefits and tax refunds — more than $1 billion — prevent social isolation and gain access to justice.

Our response to the coronavirus pandemic is proof that AARP Foundation will be there during a crisis, but the real focus of our work is changing the circumstances that make people vulnerable in the first place. To provide the knowledge, tools and support that struggling seniors need to build their way to a happier, more hopeful life. The life they deserve.

AARP Foundation was only able to achieve so much because of your generosity, your belief in our mission and in our work. I could not be more thankful for your support this year. We could not have done it without you.

With gratitude,


Adapting to a Year Like No Other

A deadly pandemic. An economy in distress. Crippling loneliness and isolation. Any one of these would be a hardship for vulnerable older adults. Together, they unleashed a once-in-a-lifetime catastrophe.

In 2020, AARP Foundation was there to meet that catastrophe, with adaptation and innovation driving our response. We kept existing programs up and running by adapting our services to the requirements of physical distancing. We rapidly developed new services to meet the most pressing needs of struggling older adults. And we bolstered organizations providing vital help in local communities across the country.

Throughout this year like no other, we were there for older adults in need, no matter what. And we always will be.

Emergency Food Boxes

Emergency Food Boxes

Meeting critical needs has always been a fundamental component of AARP Foundation's work to help vulnerable older adults. In the earliest days of the pandemic, the most urgent need many seniors faced was simply putting food on the table. Thanks to the generous help of supporters and organizations like United Health Foundation, we were able to deliver boxes of non-perishable food items to older adults in acute need from April through August. By the end of the program we had delivered, completely free of charge, more than 3.4 million meals to 48 states, D.C. and Puerto Rico.

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   meals delivered to older adults
in need during the pandemic

AARP Foundation Tax-Aide

The pandemic certainly threw a wrench in the works of AARP Foundation Tax-Aide's normal operations: Most of the more than 5,000 sites nationwide were unable to provide the usual in-person support that Tax-Aide users have come to rely on over the last 50 years. But the Tax-Aide team and its 36,000+ IRS-certified volunteers are nothing if not resourceful, and they soon found new ways to serve their clients — ways that promise to extend Tax-Aide's reach in the years to come.

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AARP Foundation Tax-Aide

4 Ways to Do Tax-Aide


Taxes were prepared and filed by tax counselors — but with strict physical distancing measures in place.


Taxpayers met briefly with tax counselors to exchange documents in person.


Taxpayers met with tax counselors online or by phone and exchanged documents electronically.


With free access to software and coaching from a tax counselor via computer screen-sharing, taxpayers could prepare their own taxes.


Since 2013, BACK TO WORK 50+ has been doing just what its name says: putting people over 50 back to work. Moving online was fairly easy for the program, which replaced in-person workshops with virtual ones and adjusted instructions to reflect the challenges and opportunities of finding work during a time of physical distancing. As Jacquie Johnson's story below makes clear, the relationships participants form with BTW50+ coaches are the very heart of the program, and online tools helped keep those relationships strong.

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13,950 people served
15,169,643 in new income


Jacquie Johnson, 54, lost her job by choice — the kind of choice most of us wouldn't hesitate to make. When it came to getting back to work, she made another choice she won't ever regret.

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Jacquie was working as a supervisor of environmental services at a major hospital in Indiana when she made the difficult decision to resign her position so she could help take care of her ailing mother in Oklahoma, who had chronic kidney failure and had developed dementia.

Having previously experienced a layoff, Jacquie had learned to put money aside for an emergency, and this certainly qualified. Her personal savings, she says, “not only allowed me to eliminate the stress of relocating, but also allowed my mother to not feel guilty about me leaving Chicago to come and take care of her.”

Jacquie was away from her home, relying on savings and family support for almost a year and a half, until her mother died. Then it was back to her home in Chicago in early 2020, and the search for a new job began.

It was tough going, even in the days before COVID. She tried to find work on her own but couldn't get any interviews. While attending a program that offered computer classes, she heard about a program being offered by AARP Foundation through the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership: BACK TO WORK 50+.

They got me back to myself.”

— Jacquie Johnson, BACK TO WORK 50+ participant

She signed up for a BTW50+ workshop but wasn't hopeful, figuring, “I'm just a number to them.” Then she met Sherri Chrisman, a job search coach, who “changed my perspective on the whole program.”

She learned to “embrace the little things”: fine-tuning her résumé, becoming more active on LinkedIn, doing mock interviews, networking. “All those little things helped propel me to where I am now,” she says.

She was able to connect with a temp agency, something she counted on only as a stopgap. But Jacquie puts her all into everything she does, so she got offered an assignment fairly quickly. Still she was discouraged: She didn't like the work at all, and was ready to give up on the temp agency altogether. That's where Sherri really proved her value; she pushed Jacquie to stick with it and said, “You don't know what doors it might open.”

After that, Jacquie got an assignment as an administrative assistant with a psychiatry practice, right downtown in Chicago. She liked the people, and everything was going well. Then, less than three weeks after she started, COVID struck, and Jacquie figured her luck had run out again. But her professionalism was shining through, and the practice decided to set her up to work at home. She hadn't felt that valued since she'd been caring for her mom.

Still, the job was a temporary one. When she got offered a permanent position elsewhere, she felt she couldn't turn it down, even though she felt very much at home with the psychiatry practice.

So she told the practice she was leaving. They begged her to stay: “What do you want?” They liked her so much that they offered her a permanent position. “I'd never had an opportunity to choose where I wanted to work,” says Jacquie. And Sherri was right there to guide her, helping her weigh the pros and cons of each job. Her good feelings about the psychiatry practice sealed the deal, and she accepted their offer.

Jacquie credits both Sherri and another career coach at the Workforce Partnership for helping her focus on what really mattered. “They got me back to myself,” she says.

AARP Foundation Experience Corps

For 25 years, AARP Foundation Experience Corps has helped older adults stay connected to their communities as volunteer reading tutors. But when COVID-19 brought in-school tutoring to an abrupt halt and put our volunteers at risk of isolation, we shifted gears and went online. Our successful tutoring model stayed the same; only the way it was delivered changed.

Going virtual enabled our dedicated volunteers to continue making a difference from the safety of home. It opened the door for us to train them on digital tools they'd never used before. And it created opportunities for volunteers who hadn't been able to tutor in person.

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   older adult tutors

AARP Foundation Property Tax-Aide

In a way, the AARP Foundation Property Tax-Aide program was custom-built to serve its clients in the virtual sphere. The program relies on an innovative online fintech tool that simplifies the process of applying for property tax refunds and credits. During its first year, in 2019, the program involved trained volunteers meeting with clients to walk them through the process. The pivot was seamless, with volunteers using an online screener and application wizard to help more than 4,200 older homeowners — and renters — find and receive the property tax savings they were eligible for.

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250 trained volunteers
4,200 older taxpayers served
$1 million+ in projected benefit


Work for Yourself@50+

As the pandemic raged, and it became clear that a return to “normal” was a long way off, we took the Work for Yourself@50+ workshop online — offering coaching and support to aspiring older entrepreneurs while still ensuring their safety and that of our partners. Work for Yourself@50+ served more than 17,000 adults last year, nearly doubling the program's impact since its inception in 2016. Also in 2020, we launched freelance programming that has served almost 3,000 people since last fall.

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17,329 people served
$69,200 in new income


Older entrepreneurs like Andrew Ziccardi, 58, are brimming with ideas and motivation. Often, though, they need help getting their ideas off the ground.

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For Andrew, that help came in the form of AARP Foundation's free Work for Yourself@50+ workshop at Northeastern Illinois University. The workshop centers on the Five Simple Steps to Get You Started toolkit, which includes detailed lesson plans and worksheets. Participants gain free tools, resources and guidance, as well as connections to peers and to additional program support.

Andrew says the workshop emphasized the importance of doing extensive market research for the product he developed: the Ergo Cap, a small tool that fits over standard bottle caps and enables people with hand-strength issues to open water bottles with ease. He also learned how to refine his business model and develop a full-fledged business plan.

Once the self-described “go-getter” has enough funding in place for mass production, the Ergo Cap will be available for less than $2 a piece — including a version with a keyring hole. Until then, he'll keep refining and improving his product.

“I will pursue this to where I'm successful enough to pass it on to my children, sell the company, or be semi-retired and work on other projects,” he says. “That's my dream.”

Meal Pack Challenge — Transformed

One of the many things we missed in 2020 was our signature Meal Pack Challenge, held on the National Mall every September 11. Although we couldn't gather in person, that didn't stop us from providing meals for our older neighbors in the Washington metropolitan area. With the generous support of donors and our sponsors UnitedHealthcare and The Hartford, we launched our first “pack-from-home” Meal Pack Challenge. Thousands of volunteers purchased food, packed the food in AARP Foundation-provided boxes, and shipped the boxes directly to the Capital Area Food Bank.

Meal pack volunteer

More than 7,300 volunteers from all 50 states, D.C. and Puerto Rico participated in the pack-from-home Meal Pack Challenge.

Ordering boxes for meal packing

Volunteers ordered boxes from AARP Foundation and went shopping from a list of approved non-perishable nutritious foods — and then generously contributed about $20 in purchased items to fill each box.

Meal packing from home

Packing from home meant the whole family could easily take part in this worthwhile volunteer activity to help feed hungry seniors in the Washington metropolitan area.

It's a great way to stay safe and still make a difference!” — Meal Pack volunteer

1.1 million

   servings of food packed for
D.C. metro area communities


   volunteers from all 50 states,
Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico
Meal Pack Challenge

The pack-from-home Meal Pack Challenge yielded more than 1 million servings of food for older adults throughout the D.C. region.

We have been able to distribute well over 100,000 lbs. of healthy foods to our partners in one month all thanks to AARP Foundation!”

— Capital Area Food Bank

Prepaid Label

A prepaid label ensured that packed boxes would be delivered directly to the Capital Area Food Bank. The generosity of AARP Foundation donors and sponsors made the Meal Pack Challenge possible.

Challenge completed! In these uncertain times I wanted to provide food for those who were most in need. [AARP Foundation] made it so simple this year to participate in their annual meal packing challenge.”

— Facebook comment from a volunteer

Family was thrilled to continue our #mealpackchallenge for @AARPFoundation tradition this weekend by packing boxes of food to be sent to @capitalareafoodbank. It was like Tetris to get everything to fit!

— Volunteer on Twitter

AARP Foundation SCSEP

AARP Foundation SCSEP (Senior Community Service Employment Program) offers low-income unemployed adults over 55 work-based training and skill-building opportunities in a variety of community service organizations and public agencies (known as “host agencies”). Program participants earn a modest income, and their SCSEP experience often leads to full-time employment. When the pandemic struck, host agencies shut down — but AARP Foundation SCSEP continued to provide paychecks until participants were able to return, in person or remotely.

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8,295 people served
$79,255,673 in new income
AARP Foundation is one of the U.S. Department of Labor's national grantees, and in October 2020 was awarded a new grant to administer SCSEP in 14 states and Puerto Rico.


When the coronavirus pandemic struck in March 2020, Maritza Lopez got on the phone. As project director for AARP Foundation SCSEP in Miami, she had to call all SCSEP participants in her region and tell them their host agencies would be closing immediately, in accordance with Miami-Dade County's COVID-19 state of emergency.

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One host agency told Maritza that the only SCSEP participant who trained there, Jose, had already left. At the time, no one mentioned that the 69-year-old man was very ill.

“Two days later, when I finally got to talk to him, he was unintelligible,” Maritza says. “He could hardly speak and was having trouble breathing.” Jose had called his doctor and been tested for the coronavirus, but he hadn't received the results.

Maritza learned that Jose had no family or friends nearby. He had minimal food in the house and was too ill to go out and purchase it. He needed help, and he needed it right away.

As soon as she got off the phone with Jose, Maritza reached out to food pantries, Meals on Wheels and local churches. Eventually, she connected with the Miami-Dade County 311 Contact Center, the main resource for county services. Once she explained the situation, stressing its urgency, she was able to register Jose for county meal services. He began receiving meals that same day, with a week's worth of food delivered to his home every Sunday.

“He was so grateful that he was crying on the phone,” says Maritza. Once he had enough food, Jose's health improved. His coronavirus test came back negative, and he soon returned to SCSEP to train remotely. Although his food delivery ended in October, his much-improved health meant he could go out and purchase his own food.

His only request was that Maritza continue to call him daily so he wouldn't feel scared and alone. She agreed — and continues to call him even now.

“When you hear in their voices the despair, fear and sadness, it's worth fighting for this cause,” Maritza says. “Although it is a sad situation, we are here to face it together as a team, with full dedication, love and compassion.”

When you hear in their voices the despair, fear and sadness, it's worth fighting for this cause.”

— Maritza Lopez
Project Director,
AARP Foundation SCSEP Miami

Grantmaking at
AARP Foundation

Grantmaking at AARP Foundation

AARP Foundation's grantmaking supports sustainable, real-world solutions to the challenges facing vulnerable older adults. The pandemic exacerbated those challenges, dramatically increasing the demand for critical services provided by our grantees.

Our grantmaking in 2020 focused largely on organizations providing food assistance and support for social connection. That focus swung to disaster relief when multiple hurricanes and wildfires struck in the fall. All told, we distributed $9.93 million in grants to 71 organizations working to lift up older adults and their communities.

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Fintech for
Financial Resilience

Fintech for Financial Resilience

As physical distancing became the norm last year, millions of people embraced digital tools as the safest way to perform everyday tasks like banking and grocery shopping. Older adults unfamiliar with how to use these tools were able to turn to AARP Foundation, which collaborated with Chase to develop a library of free online resources designed to help people stay connected and strengthen their financial health.

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Here to Stay:
Home Upkeep for All™

Here to stay: Home upkeep for All

The pandemic gave rise to more than one crisis, among them a surge in evictions and foreclosures. Even with safeguards in place, older adults who fell behind on mortgage or rent payments faced the prospect of losing their homes once those safeguards expired.

Our Here to Stay: Home Upkeep for All™ team saw the need for a central location for resources that could help people stay in their homes. The Rent and Mortgage Assistance Resource Center launched in late 2020, offering guides, links and crucial information on where to turn for help.

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Fighting Social Isolation in a Time of Physical Distancing

Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, nearly 1 in 4 older adults were affected by social isolation. For many older adults in 2020, guarding against the virus meant months and months of seeing loved ones only through a window or a video screen — escalating the problem of social isolation to epidemic proportions.

It's the kind of challenge Connect2Affect was made for, and AARP Foundation met the moment with an array of tools designed to help people stay healthy and connected during the pandemic.


To help reduce isolation during the pandemic, we revamped to serve as a “front door” to an organized, integrated system of supports and programs that make it easier for older adults to gain access to important social connections, benefits and resources. In addition, we introduced a friendly new chatbot, created a guide for virtual volunteering, and launched a national public awareness campaign to spread the word about the seriousness of social isolation.

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The revamped is more than just an information site; it's a lifeline that connects people to solutions for every part of life affected by social isolation. Visitors can Connect2 encouragement and support, Connect2 useful advice, and Connect2 helping hands right in their community.

National Good Neighbor Day

National Good Neighbor Day — observed annually on September 28 — looked a little different in 2020. We encouraged participation by sharing ways to celebrate safely and keep neighborly connections strong.

Pandemic volunteering

The pandemic drastically curtailed in-person volunteering … so we created a guide to virtual volunteering, featuring tips for staying connected and maintaining a sense of purpose while helping others from the safety of home.

AARPF Report

A report by AARP Foundation and the United Health Foundation revealed that two-thirds of adults had experienced social isolation and high levels of anxiety since the beginning of the pandemic.


“I feel I may say anything to you and I'm safe, and I thank you for being there for me.”
— Chatbot user

With the friendly Connect2Affect Chatbot, users who are feeling isolated can get coping strategies and emotional support to boost their well-being. It's safe, secure and available 24/7.

AARP community workshop

Our new community workshop on social connection was set to launch when the pandemic hit. So we updated it with physical distancing and virtual recommendations, and shared it with community-based organizations.

A Unique Perspective on Isolation

Former astronaut Scott Kelly helped us deliver a national wake-up call about the health effects of isolation. Commander Kelly shared what it was like to be separated from loved ones while he spent nearly a year on the International Space Station — and offered advice for people feeling isolated during the pandemic.

I think the biggest lesson I learned is that even though you're isolated, you don't have to be alone.

— Cmdr. Scott Kelly

Follow the Evidence: The Dangers of Isolation

The release of The Health and Medical Dimensions of Social Isolation and Loneliness in Older Adults — a National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine consensus study sponsored by AARP Foundation — confirmed the connection between social isolation or loneliness and death, heart disease and depression for older adults.

A Collaboration to Close the Connectivity Gap

Connect2Affect Connected Communities™ and Consumer Cellular coordinated to provide free smartphones and a year of discounted monthly service to residents of affordable housing communities in Ohio and Texas — part of an effort to increase residents' access to connectivity and technology.

Addressing Social Isolation During a Pandemic

AARP Foundation and ProMedica hosted a virtual summit in December to discuss strategies for addressing social isolation during a pandemic, and to share promising practices from organizations in the community and across sectors.

The Right to Vote

The Right to Vote

In the midst of a pandemic, the regular process of voting was both more difficult and more dangerous for older adults, especially those with health risks and mobility issues. Yet jurisdiction after jurisdiction threw up roadblocks that made it harder for voters to cast their ballots. AARP Foundation defended voters' rights in states across the nation and won some significant victories. In Minnesota, AARP Foundation attorneys filed an amicus brief in support of waiving a state requirement that absentee voters have their ballot envelope signed by a witness or a notary. A consent decree by the Minnesota secretary of state waived that requirement so that absentee voters could more easily cast their ballots. The secretary later agreed to send all registered voters an absentee ballot application.

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The Right to Vote

The Right to Be Who You Are

The Right to Be Who You Are

In a great victory for the LGBTQ community, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia blocked the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) from enforcing parts of a new rule that would have scrapped key nondiscrimination protections in health care.

AARP and AARP Foundation had filed an amicus brief urging the court to block the rule from going into effect. One provision of the revised rule would have removed discrimination based on sex stereotypes from the definition of sex discrimination.

LGBTQ adults were already more likely to experience pervasive overt and systemic discrimination in accessing quality health care services and insurance coverage, essentials that are increasingly important as they age. The existing discrimination had resulted in LGBTQ older adults having worse physical and mental health, higher rates of chronic health conditions, and higher rates of disability.

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The Right to Be Who You Are

The Right to Independence

The right to independence

One of the central tenets of the Americans with Disabilities Act is that people should be able to live dignified lives of their own choosing, as unfettered as possible by the disadvantages they might otherwise face. That means, among other things, that older people and people with disabilities should be able to continue living in their own homes if they so choose, and should not be hindered by discriminatory policies and practices — by both state actors and private housing entities — that would subject them to unnecessary, harmful and expensive institutional settings.

More than 10 years ago, AARP Foundation filed a class action suit on behalf of Ivy Brown and some 1,200 nursing facility residents in the District of Columbia, claiming they were being illegitimately segregated from their own communities and essentially warehoused in nursing facilities. These residents wanted to move back into their communities with appropriate government support.

Under the “integration mandate” of the Americans with Disabilities Act, state and local governments have an obligation to help people with disabilities enjoy all that community integration means. The suit claimed that D.C. was failing to meet this obligation.

AARP Foundation won two important appeals in this ongoing case and continues to fight for the rights of these older adults to live lives of their own choosing.

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The right to independence

Disaster Relief

In a year that roiled every aspect of American life, 2020 set records for natural disasters — in number, scale and, most alarmingly, damage.

Yet even in the midst of a pandemic and economic turmoil, AARP Foundation donors stepped up and made a difference.

Foundation Donors Come Through

Foundation Donors
Come Through

Coming in the midst of the pandemic, last year's Western wildfires and Atlantic hurricanes threatened older adults' lives and homes, intensifying the adversity many were already experiencing.

By the Numbers


3 million

people served by
AARP Foundation


3 million

people served by
AARP Foundation

$1 billion

in refunds for
1.5 million taxpayers

3.4 million

meals delivered to seniors in
critical need across the country


hours of tutoring contributed
by senior volunteers


volunteers who supported
AARP Foundation initiatives

$109 million

in new income created by AARP
Foundation workforce programs


low-income older adults
served through SNAP
application assistance

Thank You

Thank you for believing in AARP Foundation's mission and our work to end senior poverty. Your generous support in 2020 is helping to ensure that vulnerable older adults can secure the essentials.

  • 2020 Corporate Foundation Relations ($2,000+) Donors


    Allstate Insurance Company

    Amazon Web Services, Inc.

    Arizona Department of Economic Security

    Bank of America Charitable Foundation

    The California Wellness Foundation

    Centene Foundation

    Chapman Cubine and Hussey

    Chase Bank USA, N.A.

    The Commonwealth Fund

    Consumer Cellular, Inc.

    Consumer Technology Association

    Corporation for National and Community Service

    Corrigan Sports Enterprises

    Delta Dental Plans Association

    Dignity Health

    Easter Seals

    Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

    Family League of Baltimore

    Finnegan Family Foundation

    The Hartford

    The Humana Foundation

    Internal Revenue Service

    Investor Protection Trust

    The John A. Hartford Foundation

    Lenfest Foundation

    LSC Communications US, LLC

    Maine Health Access Foundation

    The National Caucus & Center on Black Aging, Inc.

    National Older Worker Career Center

    Netflix, Inc.

    New York Life Insurance Company

    NextFifty Intiative

    Parker Health Group, Inc.

    The Patricia Kind Family Foundation

    The Pew Charitable Trusts

    Plymouth Rock Assurance

    Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation

    The Retirement Research Foundation

    Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

    The Ronald H. Ringer Foundation

    The SCAN Foundation

    State of Florida

    State of Iowa

    State of Missouri

    State of Nevada

    State of North Carolina

    State of Oklahoma

    State of Pennsylvania

    State of Washington

    Steans Family Foundation

    ThomasARTS LLC

    T-Mobile USA, Inc.

    Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

    TrueCar, Inc.

    U.S. Department of Justice

    U.S. Department of Labor

    UnitedHealthcare, Inc.

    United Health Foundation

    WGL Holdings, Inc.

    Wells Fargo Foundation

    William Penn Foundation

  • 2020 Opportunity Builders

    CHAMPION ($10,000+)

    Anonymous (1)

    The Carobus Family Foundation

    Charline Dave

    Lawrence and Stephanie Flinn, Jr. Charitable Trust

    Annette Franqui & Seth   Werner

    Virginia Fulton

    Frank Grimmbacher

    Jo Ann Jenkins

    Lloyd E. & Juanita Johnson

    A. Robert Karpenske

    D. Alan Kendall

    Elsbeth Kirkpatrick

    Lan Leyerer

    George P. Lindemann

    Larry J. Priddy

    Connie & John Rakoske

    Deborah Ross

    William Rowe

    Lisa Marsh Ryerson

    Doris Salati

    Donald G. Smith, Jr.

    Mr. & Mrs. Seymour Y. Sternberg

    John Totten

    LEADER ($5,000-$9,999)

    Anonymous (3)

    Philip Allen

    Marelene Barrows

    Bob Blancato

    Richard Bloome

    Virginia Brey

    Janis Calton

    Joseph Coughlin

    Jini Diamond

    Billy Fenner Consulting LLC

    Bob Fox and Andrea Mintz

    William Goings

    Ralph Haines

    Bob & Sian Harris

    Martha Hayes

    Jeanne Hoch

    Betty Hudson

    Katherine Johnson

    Dr. Matthew Krecic

    Ruby Law

    Barbara Lindstrom

    Diane D. Miller

    Nancy Morris

    Paolo Narciso

    Joan Parker

    Anne Peterson

    Dan & Lisa Phelan

    Julio Portalatin

    Diane Pratt

    Kollivakkam Raghavan

    Marilyn & Skip Rosskam

    Libby Sartain

    The Todd and Stephanie Schnick Foundation

    Ilona Stadtfeld

    Yvette Stokes

    Keith & Catherine Swaby

    Winnie Tai

    Jackie & Glenn Tilton

    Terry Trobec

    Michael Vincent

    Susan Werth & Bernard Silver

    Russell Wheeler

    Starr Wheeler

    Beth & David Whitehead

    Susan Wisser

    Kenneth R. Wright

    ALLY ($2,500-$4,999)

    Anonymous (8)

    David M. Adame

    David T. Albee

    Kevin Amrhein

    Danny Annon

    Sally Austin

    The Honorable Patricia Banks

    David Barber

    Julie Bates

    James Beach

    Kathy Beasley

    Shirley Brandt

    Dori Brown

    Ms. Olive M. Bryan

    Anthony John Burnell

    John & Karen Castaldo

    Judy Dalton

    Thomas Daw & Ann Giragosian Daw

    Steven DelVecchio

    Cathy Disch

    John T. Doyle

    K. James Ehlen, M.D.

    Christina Fraley

    Laurie and Thomas Fusco Charitable Fund

    Judyth Gaddie

    Mary Gans

    Eberhard Gerlach

    Brian & Veronica Glynn

    Sandra Godin

    Theresa Graziano

    Franklin & Jenny Guerrero

    Karl Herzog

    Dulcy & Richard Hooper

    Chad Hudson

    Kevin Hui

    John Jacob

    Hilma Jenus

    Bradley Johnson

    Edna Kane-Williams

    Sharon Kirkwood

    David Kundert

    Suzanne LaFollette-Black

    Nancy A. LeaMond

    Foong Lee

    Ralph & Rebecca Littreal

    Alex Lloyd

    Stanley Lou

    Stewart MacAulay

    Claudia & Herrick Massie

    Marc McDonald

    Jeffrey McEver

    John Meloney

    Karen L. Mercer

    Catherine Merrill

    Daniel Moye

    Mark Murray

    Earl Nevels

    Margaret Pabustan

    Michelle Parrish

    Nikki Peters

    Keith Pippard

    Donna M. Rand

    Richard Reichle, Jr.

    Nancy Reuscher

    Tara Isa Koslov & William Alvarado Rivera

    Ernest Robertson

    Dennis Rosenthal

    Richard Schindler

    Antoinette Scurti

    Patricia D. Shannon & Bruce A. Peters

    Cleo Sheckels

    Heather & Tim Sherman

    Katharine Simmons

    Richard Skiles

    Frank Stock

    Ellen Taaffe

    Ralph Thomas

    Nancy Tidd Smith

    Sandy Ulsh

    Stephen Venute

    Cindy Weatherly

    Judith Welch

    Mary Wilens

    Marcia Williams & Gene Lucero

    Robert Wilson

    Ted and Pam Woehrle

    SUPPORTER ($1,000 - $2,499)

    Anonymous (36)

    Earl Abramson

    Agarwal Family Foundation

    Alice Akan

    Wendy Albrecht

    Gail & Robert Aldrich

    Andrea Alexander

    James Alexander

    James Allen

    John Alquero

    Michael J. & Donna C. Andersen

    Rosalyn Anderson

    Timothy Andriano

    Max Appel

    Jerry Armstrong

    Ron Arrowsmith

    Ersen Arseven

    Leo Asen

    David Atnip

    Jim Avedikian

    Scott Avidon

    Robert E. Ayers

    Dianna Babcock

    Ruby Bacardi

    Robert & Susan Baker

    Joseph Bakewell

    Malcolm Balfour

    Richard Banks, M.D.

    Avinash Bapat, M.D.

    Barry Barbash

    Joan P. Barnes

    Lawrence W. Bassett

    Roberto Bayardo

    Douglas Bechard, M.D.

    Elisabeth Beinhorn

    S. Benjamin

    Edith Berg

    Stephanie Bess

    Jeannine Bevers

    Judith Bezark

    Maruti Bhorade

    William Blackmon

    Robert J. & Jane W. Blum

    Richard Bockoff

    Linda B. Bolton

    Diane Bonk

    Mary Booth

    Ramon Bosquez

    Milton Bradford

    Carol Bradley

    Ed Bradstreet

    N. Brand

    Frances & Robert Brandell

    Carol Bratt

    Zerly Breen

    Richard Brelsford

    Sheila & Jonathan Breslaw

    Philip Brewster

    James Brezden

    John Briesemeister

    Richard Banks

    Richard Broughton

    Douglas Brown

    Evans Brown

    Lorrin Brown

    Mary P. Brown

    Willard Brown

    Edward Bruno

    Joel & Shelby Brunt

    Ronald Bryan

    Sherry Buchanan

    Marian Bukrinsky

    Michael Bunyak

    Petra Burke

    Kathleen Burke

    Sherri Burke

    Elizabeth Burton

    Eileen Burton

    Amelia Burton

    Barbara M. Byars

    Richard Cabangcla

    George Callaway

    Esperanza Camarillo

    John Campbell

    Helen Canevari

    John Capotosto

    Herbert & Ann Carlson

    Robbie Carlton

    Mark Carrasco

    Anthony Carrozza

    Eric Carter

    William D. Carter

    Charles Case

    James Cash

    Kicab Castaneda-Mende

    Eileen Castolene

    Ann B. Catts

    Mary Louise Cavanaugh

    Hilda Cearense

    Leona Chanin

    Mr. Leo Charette

    Michael Cheng

    Charles & Dolores Cheron

    Arthur J. Christian

    Louis Chu

    Ulla Clair

    Kelly Clark

    Gail Clark

    Joseph E. & Margreta Claunch

    Emily Clayton

    Robert Clayton

    Carol Cleave

    Alain Clenet

    Rebecca Hays

    H. Colgan

    Mary Collins

    Susan Colvin

    Margaret A. Conacher

    Yvonne C. Condell

    George & Andrea Conklin

    Vicki Coon

    Kenneth Cooper

    Margot James Copeland

    Albert Coralluzzo

    Joseph Coulter

    Ida Coulter

    Loretta Coussirat

    Michael Cox

    Gail Craddock

    Billy Craft

    Mr. Jacques Craig

    William J. Crain

    William Crane

    Denis Crasta

    Thomas Crawford

    Jeanne Crowe

    Kenneth R. & Marilyn Cummings

    Mary Katherine D'Addario

    Mr. John Dadzitis

    Gretchen M. Dahlen

    Nahed Dajani

    Dolores & Ronald Daly

    Vicki Damron

    Richard Dana

    Peter Dandalides

    Gary & Denise David

    Richard Davies

    Vickie Davies

    Margaret Davies

    Elspeth Davis

    Carolyn Davis

    Thomas Davis

    James W. Davis

    Lloyd R. & Caroline De Llamas

    Ralph Dean

    Cynthia & Phil Deland

    Nancy Deletoile

    Diane M. Delgado

    Jerry & Barbara DeLosh

    Paul C. Deutsch

    Leo Dicarlo

    Joellen Dillard

    Betty Donnelly

    Ottis Dover

    Thomas Doyle

    James Dresser

    Timothy Drouillard

    D. Robert Drucker

    Mr. Douglas Duncan

    Leslie Dunlap

    Stewart Dunn, Jr.

    Kent G. Dupont

    Don Durham

    George Dutton

    Gregory Dyson

    Mary Jo Eagen

    Lawrence Ebersold

    Ellis Edge

    David Edwards

    Mary Edwards

    David Eger

    Katherine Egolf

    Julian Eidson

    Barbara Einzig

    Richard Ekman

    Herschel Elias

    Elizabeth Ellard

    Liz Ellis

    Pedro Engel

    Guenter Engelbert

    Jayne Epstein

    Edanna Ericson

    Hugh Erskine

    Jose Espinoza

    Mari Ettlinger

    Willy Evans

    Sandy Fainbarg

    Joseph Falcone

    Javid & Rukhsana Farooqi

    Thomas Fenno

    Michael E. Festa

    Catherine Fiddes

    Frances Fields

    Gail Fike

    Bianca Filipek

    Carla Fisher

    Nancy Fitzgerald

    Walter Fitzgerald

    Allison Flege

    Catherine Fleischner

    Russell Foszcz

    Michael & Teresa Fountain

    Alan Fowler

    Richard Fox

    Ritta Rosenberg

    Joel Frank

    Robert L. & Aline Frank

    Barbara Fretz

    Marie Friedman

    Thomas Friel

    Kim R. Froelich

    Dorothy Fujimoto

    Kristine Fulmer

    Elsa Gallant

    Emily Galloway

    Nancy & Sid Ganis

    Elliot Garcia

    Mary Garcia

    Giby Garnier

    Jill Garrett

    Marci Garrison

    Cipriano Garza

    Sylvaine Gauthier-de-beal

    Karen Geanacopoulos

    William Gentemann

    Shelley Gere

    Jane Gibson

    Tim Gill

    Marie Gingrich

    Paul Goldstein

    Romeo Gonzales

    Albert Gonzales

    Kellie B. Gowdy

    Donald T. & Betty Graff

    Mr. Jeff Graham

    Gillian Granger

    Eileen Grant

    Nancy & Thomas E. Green

    Donald Greenberg

    Terri D. Greene

    Clifford Gregory

    Jack T. Gregory

    Barbara Grocki

    Chet Groseclose

    Irwan Gunadi

    Charles Gwinn

    Changiz Alex Habibvand

    David Hackathorn

    Robert Hagadorn II

    Glen Hakes

    Robert Hale

    Bydia Haley

    Bruce Hall

    Laleatrice V. Hall

    Victoria Hall

    Paul Hamer

    Benjamin C. Hammett

    Rosalyn Hamrick

    Edward Hancock

    Robert Hannus

    K. Hanrahan

    Judith Hardes

    Diane Hardy

    Janet Hardy

    Dennis Harp

    Jim Harre & Kristine Harriger

    Calvin E. Harris, Sr.

    Glenda Harris

    Kristine Harris

    Tom Hartsock

    Charles Hartzheim

    Eugene Hawkins & Eric Laug

    Teresa Haycraft

    Kristina Allen Hayden

    Dean Hayden

    Rebecca Hays

    George Hazelton

    Steven Healey

    Normand Hebert

    Jeff Hebert

    Barbara Hedges-Goettl

    Delia Hedlund

    Perro Henson

    Harry Herr

    Dick Hess

    Marilyn Hessel

    Susan Heyman

    Jeanne Higgins

    Lauren Hilan

    Larry Hinerman

    Gloria Hing

    H. Hirshberg

    Susan Hjerpe

    Eva Hlebko

    Chua Hoa

    Susan Hodapp

    Wayne & Elinor Hoffman

    C. Holman

    Bryce Hori

    Carol Bennett

    Bari Hoskins

    Laurie Houseknecht

    Esther Hsu

    Susan Hubbert

    Stephen F. Hudak

    Carol Hudiburg

    Elaine Hughes & Marc Laster

    Jennifer Sorg

    Dr. Barbara Innes

    Helene Jacobs

    Scott James

    Peter Jarosewycz

    Ben Jefferson

    Barbara Jeffries

    Ava Jensen

    Donna Jenskins

    David Jesionowski

    Bruce Johnson

    Dianne Johnson

    Freda S. Johnson

    Marjorie Johnson

    Ronald E. Johnson

    Roy Johnson

    Charlie Jones

    Compton R. Jones

    Kenneth Jones

    Paul W. Jones

    David Jordan

    Sandra Juarez

    Walter Kalinowski

    Roberta Kamin-Lewis

    Floy Kaminski

    Carol Kanner

    Warren J. Kaplan

    Melvin Karki

    J. Kasper

    Patricia Kauffman

    Richard Kaufman

    Robert & Dorothy Keller

    Mary Kelley

    Theodora Kelly

    Timothy M. Kelly

    Brent Kendrick

    Lawrence Kennedy

    Shirleyanne Kennedy

    Sue Kerr

    Judith Kese

    Lucille Kesilman

    Wayne Keyes

    Anup Khattar

    John Kibblehouse

    Curt Kiessig

    David Kimmel

    Dale Kipp

    Roger W. Kirk

    Greg Klocke

    Karen Klomparens

    James Knight, Sr.

    David Kocher

    Barbara L. Kohn

    Janet Kolb

    Ralph E. Koldinger

    Scott Kottmann

    Phil Kramer

    David Kufner

    Miodrag Kukrika

    Richard Kulp

    Mary Kupczyk

    Louise Kuziomko

    Kenneth Kwidzinski

    William Lafranchi

    James B. & Rae Ann Lam

    Alan Lamia

    Sharon Landwehr

    Neal Lane

    Howard Lang

    Mary Ann Lang

    Carol Lang & Sherri Peterson

    Milli Lau

    Lew Ann Lawhorn

    Gregory Leahy

    Esther Ledee

    Dr. Chang Lee

    Cecelia Lee

    Nina S. Leggett

    Carey Leimbach

    Leonard Len

    Ronald E. Leone

    Jane Lesser

    Wilbur Lewellen

    Judy Lewis

    Mrs. Marjorie Lewis

    Craig Lewis

    Kwong Li

    Nancy Liebschutz

    Merle Liskey

    Pedro Llamas

    FengJung Lo

    Kevin Lofton

    Larry & Vicki London

    Robert Longway

    Joy Lovejoy

    Darryl Lovett

    Linda Lovisa

    Barbara Lucks

    Christy Ludlow

    James Luke

    Julia Lundstrom

    Mrs. Doris Lust

    Lori MacDonald

    Hugh & Marguerite MacDonald

    Harold MacHonkin

    Gregory Mackenzie & Anna Mckenzie

    Mary Mahoney

    Dr. Tyler Mahy

    Armando Maldonado

    Kathleen Malloch

    Benito Manding

    Lisa Mann

    David Mann

    Roy Mar

    Connie Marler

    Marcia Marshall

    James & Mary Martin

    Jose E. Martin

    Pili Masaniai

    Thomas Mason

    Suzanne Masuret

    Kamran Mather

    David Mathey

    Christine Mauck

    Bradley Mayer

    Mickey Maynard

    Teresa McCanlies

    Edeltraud McCarthy

    Maureen McCarthy

    Robert McClelland

    Evelyn McConnell

    Virginia McConnell

    Linda Mccracken

    Michelle McCracken

    Robert McDermott

    Liselotte Mckenzie

    Norinne McKinney

    Sam McLain

    Lois Mcmahon

    Mrs. G McMillan

    Robert McMillen

    Catherine McMillin

    Claudia McNamee

    Romeo Gonzales

    Anita Mehling

    Dr. Hemendra Mehta

    Elba Mendez

    Tamar Mersberg

    Ruth Metz

    Jimmy Meyer

    Marjorie Meyer

    Kathleen Mihelich

    Annise Miller

    Judith Miller

    Jay Miller

    Keith Miller

    Margaret Miller

    Catherine Mills

    Charles Mitchell

    Virginia Mitchell

    David Moir

    Julius Mondragon

    Nathaniel Moore

    David C. Mores

    Carlos & Deborah Morrison

    Paul Moyer, Jr.

    Nilva & Michael A. Mroz

    Patrick Mucci

    M. Mueller

    Edwin & Wilhelmina Mumau

    Denise Munoz

    Barbara Murdoch

    Michael Murray

    Gayle Musser

    William Myers

    Neil Myntti

    Frederick Nakahara

    Masao Nakaiye

    Marie Narcisse

    James Nestor

    Cassandra Newkirk

    Doug Newport

    Duane Newsome

    Shirley Nichols

    Judith Nicolaidis

    Gregory Nieto

    Trusha Nikore

    Lucille Nissen

    Jalila Nur

    Merrill Oaks

    Paul O'Connor

    Rosamund O'Farrell-Lewis

    Joan K. Olinghouse

    Wanda Olsrud

    Marilyn Orndoff

    Joyce Oshiro

    John O'Steen

    Eliot Ostrow

    Rae & Joseph Ott

    Carol Oukrop

    Jane Overall

    Jean Pace

    Nell Painter & Glenn Shafer

    Peter Papasifakis

    Michael Pargee

    Gary Parrish

    Randolph Paschke

    Mary Pascoe

    Arvind Patel

    Connie Pavatte

    John Payne

    Alice Peacock

    Yvette Peña

    John Peoples

    Gloria Perucca

    Frank Petrus & Mary Lee-Szymanski

    Allen Phillips

    Peter Pierce

    William Pietrangelo

    Carlisle Pipkin

    Vincent Pitta

    Joseph Pokorny

    Stephen Politowski

    John Polk

    Ann Poll

    Leslie & Yvonne Pollack

    Elizabeth Popoola

    Lester Poretsky

    Randall Proffitt

    Rita Przygocki

    Donald Putning

    Metta Quabeck

    Marilyn A. Quadros

    George Quan

    Bruno Quinson

    Robert Rafferzeder

    Margaret Raichle

    Margaret Raidmets

    Kenneth Rainford

    Antoinette Randolph

    Cotton Rawls, Jr.

    Bruno Reale

    Ronald Reddick

    Carolyn Redding

    Ross Reeves, III

    Dan Reiner

    Howard Reynolds

    David Rice

    Robert Ricklefs

    Richard Rinehart

    Pauline Rippel

    Steve Risner

    Cassandra Rivers

    Leonard Roberts

    Gary Robertson

    Lawrence Robertson

    Andrew Rodriguez

    Alan Rolph

    Nancy Romero

    Janie Rooker

    Sharon Rose

    Frederick Rosenbauer

    Ritta Rosenberg

    Hope Rosenlund

    Lois Rosow

    Kathleen P. Rosowski

    Nancy Rudolph

    Joan Ruff

    Martin Ruple

    Deborah Ryan

    Donald E. Ryan

    John Ryan

    Paul Sack

    Joseph A. Salgado

    Robert Salter

    Sharon Sanchez

    Dr. John Sanders

    Fernie Sanderson

    Kenneth Sauders

    Steve Saxton

    Janet Schaal

    Jim Schafer

    Harry Scher

    Robert Scher

    William Schildgen

    Janet Schlaf

    Amy Schmidt

    Erich Schmidtmann

    Kurt Schmoke

    Rudy Schneider

    Kenneth Schob

    Frances Schroeder

    John & Anita Schultz

    Maxine Roth Schweitzer

    Louise Sealey James

    Gwendolyn Seeliger

    Martin E. Segal

    Peter Sengbusch

    Donna Shafranek

    Dipak & Neela Shah

    Mary Shamrock

    John F. Sheela

    Kate Sheeline

    Gopalaiengar Sheshadri

    Moses Shim

    John Shinnick

    Daniel & Huisuk Shires

    Shao-Han Shou

    Dennis Simmons

    Lea Simonds

    Dorothy Sims

    Sher Singh

    Donald Sire

    George Skillman

    Robert Smallenburg

    Joseph Smith

    Ms. Deloris Smith

    David Smith

    Judith Smith

    Julian Snell

    Ms. Jane Soong

    Cecilia Soto

    Robert L. Souders

    Claudette Spalding & Ray Pinto

    Linda Spire

    Thomas Spooner

    Thurman Spruce

    Susan Stack

    Kathy Stark

    Allen Steck

    Steven Steenberg

    Dr. Kristine Steensma

    Steven Steinberger

    Steven Steinke

    Mildred Steward

    Lee Stoner

    Denise Storey

    Florence E. Straith

    Robert Stranahan

    Stephanie Strickland

    Robert Strouse

    Lucile Stroy

    William Struble

    Jay R. Sussman

    Marshall K. Sutton

    Greg Swalwell & Terrence Connor

    Mr. Frederick Swann

    Richard Swanson

    Denison Tempel

    Gary Teune

    Gerhard Thelen

    G. Thomas

    Doris Thomasson

    R. Thompson

    Isabelle Thompson

    Scott Thornton

    Lloyd Tilley

    Gilbert Tong

    Margaret Toro

    Elisa Torres

    Saundra Tossey

    Kevin M. Tracy

    Gruillermo Trejo

    Diana Tressler

    Gloria Tressler

    Charles Jeffrey Trick

    Nancy Tumposky

    Peter Tuohy

    Alexander Turnbull

    Erica Ueland

    Joel Umlas, M.D.

    Charleen Underwood

    Thomas Uttormark

    Jeannie Uyeda

    Paul Uyeshiro

    Nallasivam Vamadevan

    Wanda Van Hoose

    Kathleen Vandemark

    Tina Vanderlinde

    Joan Vandeworkeen

    Mark Vann

    Katrina Veerhusen

    Jose Velez

    Anthony Venticinque

    Beatrice Vicks

    Leslie D. Vollbracht

    Randy Voss

    Hubert Wagoner

    Janet Walker

    Susan Wang

    Xiaoming Wang & Xiaorong Lu

    Clara Wang

    William Warr, Jr.

    Peter Waters

    David A. Watta

    Kathryn Webb

    Herbert Weinman

    Sherman Weitzmon

    William Wertz & Margaret Iacgo-Wertz

    William Westgard

    Kevin White

    Debra B. Whitman

    Maureen Wienecke

    Linda & Mark Wilford

    Charles Wilhelm

    Jill Willbanks

    Clair Williams

    Michelle Williams

    Alma Wilson

    Jessica Winograd

    Rosel Witt

    Roma Wittcoff

    Seth Wohlberg

    Jean Wolffis

    Arnold Woods

    Vicki Woodward

    Carolyn Workman

    Randall Workman

    Thomas Yager

    Mark Yankauer

    Chenyu Yen

    Jane Yuzuki

    Fred & Kathy Zanoff

    Shirley Zonner

  • 2020 Legacy Society

    The AARP Foundation Legacy Society provides recognition to individuals who include AARP Foundation in their wills or living trusts; name the Foundation as a beneficiary of a retirement plan, commercial annuity, or life insurance plan; or make an irrevocable life income gift, such as a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust.

    These exceptional gifts perpetuate the legacy of caring established by AARP’s founder, Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus, and allow us to serve as a force for change on the most serious issues faced by vulnerable seniors living in poverty.

    The names listed below are those AARP Foundation Legacy Society members who have confirmed both their gift commitments and their willingness to have their names published. On behalf of AARP Foundation, thank you to those listed below.

    *Denotes Deceased Donor

    Ms. Alice E. Smith-Abaté

    *The Henry Acad Trust

    David T. Albee

    *The Estate of Lynda M. Albert

    Anonymous (669)

    Dale A. Arceneaux

    *The Estate of Donald August

    Edgar E. Beck III

    *The Joanne Bennett Trust

    Mr. and Mrs. Steven Borbely

    *The Janet Elaine Bowerman Trust

    Carmen C. Briggs

    Shelley Buckingham

    Marian Bukrinsky

    Kay Burch

    *The Estate of Larry Claude Burgoon

    *Leopoldo & Mary E. Buttinelli

    Jane D. Caminis

    *The Estate of Charles E. Chambers

    *The Estate of Judy Theresa Charles

    Lorinda Cheng Arashiro

    Clara M. Chiu

    *Marion Clement

    Col. James M. Compton

    Richard T. Corvetti

    *John R. Crane

    *The Estate of Carmen L. Cruz

    Christine M. Cruz

    Mrs. Brigitte Curtis

    *The Mary K. Cusack Trust

    *Aila G. Dawe

    Virginia D'Lamatter

    Eugene V. Doty

    D. Robert Drucker

    *The Theophil Walter Dusek Trust

    *Evelyn & *George F. Eckhardt, Jr.

    *The Dixie Blackstone Eger Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust

    *Philip Ellgen

    *The Estate of Connie A. Esposito

    *John C. & *Genevieve Fairval

    *Wilma S. Firsich

    *The Fong Family Revocable Trust

    Stephen T. Franco

    *The Estate of Fred C.N. Fredericks

    Mario G. Garcia

    *Sid & *Betty Garvais

    *The Barbara Joan Geist Trust

    *Mr. & Mrs. Stuart B. Gerber

    *Alice S. Gillisse

    Jo. M. Gledhill & *Richard L. Bowman

    *The Estate of Hope H. Glidden

    Myona L. Glover

    Lorraine Gnecco

    P.K. Govind & Sally L. Luckenbach

    Sharman L. Greber

    Betty Lou Gross

    Franklin & Jenny Guererro

    *Carmen Gutierrez

    Robert & * Lawanda Hanson

    *Ethel G. Harris

    *Hazel E. Hart

    Carol A. Henry

    Harriet M. Herb

    *Alicia O. Hernandez

    *The Carolyn A. High Trust

    Sharon Hodgson

    Linda Jo C. Hoholik

    Ida M. Holtsinger

    Dulcy & Richard Hooper

    Kenneth and Sharon Ishida

    *The Alan C. Johnson Charitable Trust

    Larry Johnson

    *The Estate of Adeline Kyoko Kano

    *Norma Kershaw

    Tong Yong (Andrew) Keum

    *The Estate of Kenneth H. Kintopf

    Loretta Krause

    *The Estate of Kenneth L. Ladd

    *The Estate of Erling Lagerholm

    James B. Lam

    *The Estate of William Leidy

    *The Dorothy E. Leithead Charitable Trust

    Judith Lender

    Emily Ellen Markgraf

    *Miss Pat

    Ellen M. Lockhoff

    Thomas W. Lockhoff

    *The Estate of Conrad L. Lohoefer

    *Robert Luth

    Hugh & Marguerite MacDonald

    Manuel J. Sr. & Gloria E. Mathew

    *Sara C. McGahan

    *Jennie R. Medlin

    Allen & *Linda Minsky

    David and Sherry Mitchell

    *George Mitchell

    James E. Moore

    *The Estate of May Moore

    Boyd J. Mudra

    *The Estate of Barbara Mulholland

    William M. Myers, Jr.

    Ruth Nolte

    Mr. Richard V. Olson & Mr. Larry J. Kramer

    Anthony & Shirley Onesto

    *The Estate of William Keith Parlour

    Margot Joy Patrick

    *The Rose Penn Trust

    Ms. Carmen E. Perry

    Leon N. Phelps, Sr.

    Jeanne Phillips & Bill Pendergraft

    In Memory of Karl Herrick Elwyn Pinks

    *Hernando Pinzon-Isaza

    Eleanor Pirozek

    *The Estate of Sandra Premrou

    *The Estate of Saundra Price

    *The Estate of Larry G. Rand

    *Ed & *Jeanette Ray

    Dennis Reis

    *The Estate of Ronald Richardson

    *Julie Robinson

    *Frank & *Maria Robinson

    *Mrs. Helen P. Rogers

    *The Estate of Andrew Romay

    *The Julia M. Ross Trust

    William Rowe

    *The Estate of Michael Schinagel

    Joseph R. Selby

    John A. Sena

    *The Estate of Georgia B. Senior

    Heather & Tim Sherman

    *The Estate of Joseph W. Showalter

    *The Estate of Ruth Belton Sloan

    *The Estate of William O. Smedley

    Mary Stahl

    *Morton Stanson

    In memory of Mrs. Beatrice M. Stevens & Sadie R. Stevens

    Peggy P. Stevenson

    *June R. Strachan

    *The Gerald Edward & Guyola Marie Stutzman Trust

    Thomas H. Stutzman

    Anthony Testagrose & Margaret Dau

    In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Thomas, Jr.

    Patricia L. Tolbert

    Thomas Tomkiewicz

    *The Estate of Amy Emiko Uyemura

    Susan Valletta

    *The William H. Van Dusen, Jr. Trust

    Sharon R. Villano

    *Alexander Volk

    *The Louis A. Wagner Trust

    *The Joy Washington Probating Trust

    Virginia E. Washington

    Beth & David Whitehead

    Dorothy Williams

    Huora L. Williams

    Marcia Williams

  • This summary of financial information has been extracted from the AARP Foundation audited financial statements for the years ending December 31, 2020 and December 31, 2019, and on which an independent public accounting firm expressed an unmodified opinion.

  • Financial Position

    As of December 31, 2020 and December 31, 2019 (in thousands)

    ASSETS 2020 2019
    Cash and cash equivalents 6,595 23,090
    Contributions receivable, net 4,653 2,100
    Grants receivable 10,344 11,484
    Prepaid expenses and other assets 1,674 1,120
    Investments 587,745 534,484
    Charitable gift annuity investments 6,072 5,210
    Program-related investments, net 5,925 6,166
    Property and equipment, net 13,554 14,997
    Total Assets 636,562 598,651
    Accounts payable and accrued expenses 22,247 29,061
    Deferred revenue 240 171
    Due to affiliates 3,919 7,200
    Charitable gift annuities payable 3,264 3,050
    Bonds payable 25,000 25,000
    Total Liabilities 54,670 64,482
    Net assets without donor restrictions:
    Undesignated 44,854 29,396
    Board-designated quasi-endowment 25,492 23,940
    Board-designated operating reserves 60,500 58,752
    Total net assets without donor restrictions: 130,846 112,088
    Net assets with donor restrictions 451,046 422,081
    Total Net Assets 581,892 534,169
    Total Liabilities and Net Assets 636,562 598,651
  • Statements of Activities

    For the years ending December 31, 2020 and December 31, 2019 (in thousands)

    Grant revenue 88,336 103,158
    Contributions 78,537 160,743
    In-kind contributions 37,910 55,082
    Investment income designated for operations 18,056 5,191
    Other 674 1,387
    Total Operating Revenue 223,513 325,561
    Program Services:
    SCSEP 92,459 105,995
    Tax-Aide 14,426 22,184
    Experience Corps 11,627 12,593
    Impact areas and other programs 35,806 45,557
    Legal Advocacy 6,372 6,008
    Total Program Services 160,690 192,337
    Supporting Services
    Fundraising 26,207 26,938
    Management and general 21,869 21,116
    Total Supporting Services 48,076 48,054
    Total Expenses 208,766 240,391
    Changes in Net Assets from Operations 14,747 85,170
    Investments (loss) return in excess of amounts designated for operations 33,125 62,610
    Changes in value of charitable gift annuities (149) (190)
    Change in Net Assets 47,723 147,590
    Net Assets, Beginning of Year 534,169 386,579
    Net Assets, End of Year 581,892 534,169
  • Sources and Uses of Funds

    AARP Foundation receives funding from multiple sources, including grants and AARP. Eighty cents of every dollar the Foundation spends goes to our important programs and services to improve the quality of life for vulnerable older adults in communities across the country.

    Revenue by Category




    Grant Revenue


    In-Kind Contributions


    Investment Income and Other

    Functional Expenses






    Management and General

  • 2020 AARP Foundation Board of Directors

    Libby Sartain, Chair

    David Adame

    Hon. Patricia Banks

    Robert Blancato

    Margot James Copeland

    Ann G. Daw

    Gregory J. Dyson

    Betty Hudson

    Diane D. Miller, Vice Chair

    Susan Werth

  • 2020 AARP Foundation Executive Leadership

    Lisa Marsh Ryerson, President

    Patricia D. Shannon, Chief Financial Officer and SVP, Strategy, Innovation, Evaluation, Finance, Grants, Operations, Technology and Research

    Emily Allen, Senior Vice President, Foundation Programs

    William Alvarado Rivera, Senior Vice President, Foundation Litigation

    David Whitehead, Senior Vice President & Chief Development Officer